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WDPS3ARTW? Week ending 7th December

Submitted by on Tuesday, 9 December 2008No Comment

In our incessant quest to bring you as much fresh and interesting PS3 news as possible, we scour the annals of time (in weekly segments) seeking delectable news based delights for your ocular pleasure.

Of course there’s not enough hours in the day to give each news story its time in the sun but that doesn’t mean we haven’t read it, digested it, and ultimately decided to focus on something else.

Jump like Galactica after the break for a hodgepodge collection of random, but still interesting, news stories from last week.

  • As you know, we don’t speculate on rumour here at PS3 Attitude but when the story broke that certain PS2 titles appeared to be heading to the PSN, that didn’t stop us reading up on the possibility that Sony will finally support full backwards compatibility via software emulation. Nothing ever did come of that story so we’re glad we didn’t shout about it from the rooftops last Tuesday.
  • In tech news, it was announced on Wednesday the 3rd of December that Pioneer’s new 400GB optical disc could actually be compatible with the PS3. Wow. 400 GIGs! That means one disc could contain the total brainpower of five Keanu Reeves!.
  • A new F.E.A.R. : Project Origin video appeared on Thursday and sent most of us scurrying under our desks. [Via Press Release though we’re sure it’s posted online. Go look!]
  • Not wanting to bum our U.K. readers out by focusing on things like recession, credit crunches and the likes, we chose not to mention that the recent Sony price hikes in Old Blighty caused by the weakened pound should “not affect game sales.” That’s good news though, isn’t it?
  • Speaking of sales, PS3’s doubled in Japan.
  • After all the “We’re bigger than you in Europe” talk, Sony came out on Friday to discount Microsoft’s figures and issued their own “My Dad can beat YOUR Dad” claim by stating that the PS3 is still leading the race in the Old World by a staggering (!) 100,000 units. Why did we not report on this again? Oh yes, because we care about games and not sales charts.
  • Friday also saw the release of a new Godfather II trailer. [Via Press Release. Once again, we’re sure it’s out there if you need to see some Italians beating people up.]

Apologies for the tardiness of this recap. The ‘What Did PS3 Attitude Read This Week?’ article usually features on Monday and is authored by Editor-in-Chief extraordinaire DolphGB. This is what happens when your editor jets off to secret locations and leaves the place in charge to a bunch of bumbling monkeys. The wheels quickly come off the wagon.