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While You Were Eating

Submitted by on Tuesday, 30 December 2008One Comment

santa-claus-fat-tummyThis time of year is universally synonymous with “Gaming News Death”.

All the great games of the year are out, the press people are spending some well deserved time with their families (we miss you guys, please come back – we need those press releases or we’ll have to resort to reporting on Sony’s share price [it’s up by the way]) and most of the other sources of tips and intriguing news are comatose from copious amounts of turkey and/or assorted chocolate overdoses.

We here at PS3 Attitude also took some time off to game, frolic and generally ignore the non-existent breaking news but that’s not to say that we’re going to disregard what little seismic movement there was in the gaming industry during the bleak period from Christmas Day to New Year’s.

Check after the (festive) jump for some of the news you missed over the last week as you spent your time beating Grandma into submission on Rock Band 2.

We’ve talked before how Kojima-san, like a stricken junkie gallantly trying to ween himself off all things Metal Gear, will be taking a step back in terms of involvement with MGS5. Of course, that usually translates as “Get your hands off my baby! I’m directing this one too!” but perhaps he’s finally broke that vicious cycle?

In an amazingly frank (for Kojima-san) interview in Japanese magazine Famitsu (reported over at, the auteur reveals that he will direct two games concurrently. The first to be announced will follow the traditional Kojima Productions ethos (so, it’s MGS5 then) while the second will be a new venture with the production team re-structured in a more “western” fashion and the worldwide market acutely targeted.

Considering Kojima has been visiting FPS producing studios of late (like Guerrilla Games) don’t be surprised to see Kojima try his hand at the popular and visceral first person genre. Knowing him though, I doubt we’ll simply be shooting things up. Only time will tell.

Speaking of Killzone 2. With the box art now on display there’s also the news that our U.S. pre-ordering brethren will be able to avail of an deal offering free Killzone 2 themed Home costumes. Put your money down early and run around the Home square dressed as a Helghast soldier which is better than that awful yellow Diesel top you were thinking of buying if you ask us.

Finally, it wouldn’t be a Ye Olde Gaming Christmas without something breaking on one of the popular online networks. This year it was Sony’s turn to have their servers go belly up with all the engineers barricaded at home behind walls of turkey to keep them busy and not in the office fixing things.

Just as we were talking about one trophy sync faux pas, another one reared its ugly head over the Holiday season. Luckily it wasn’t as serious as bringing the whole network down but you may have noticed that for a couple of days just after the 25th you were unable to sync with the Trophy mother-ship.

The issue is fixed now but it didn’t stop message-boards overflowing with speculation that this was something to do with the previously acknowledged Trophy hiccup or even (I hope you’re sitting down) the much rumoured Trophy/Home synergy project thingy (we honestly don’t know what they have in store for us but we are pretty sure “Trophyism” will infect Home some time soon).

P.S. We received a few well-wishing emails (and lots of comments) from you good folk that were all greatly appreciated. There were also some queries about what we would be playing (and receiving) over the holiday period. Personally I played GTA4 and PixelJunk Monsters (a lot). In terms of gifts, I received Prince of Persia (considering I wasn’t able to enter the contest darn it!), BioShock, LittleBigPlanet and Call of Duty: World At War. Check back this time next year for my opinions on them (yes, it takes me a long time to get to games.)