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White Knight Chronicles’ Manga Reveals “Dogma War Chronicle”

Submitted by on Thursday, 11 December 20083 Comments

Factor 5’s “JRPG saviour for the PS3”, Shirokishi Monogatari: Inishie no Kodō (“White Knight Chronicles : Ancient Heartbeat” for the gaijin out there), will rise, galant and regal like a resurgent paladin in Japan only a few short weeks from now. December 26th to be exact.

With the release so close, expect to see numerous advertising ploys to generate interest in the game (like it’s needed) and excitement build to an almost boiling point.

Over on the Japanese PlayStation site, an eNovella is now available that chronicles, well, what happens/happened before the chronicles began with what they are calling: “Episode 0 – Doguma Senki“. This translates, roughly, as “Dogma War Chronicle” (actually, a more literal translation is “Dogma Military History” but that sounds REAL boring).

What does the manga cover? Well, we’ve read it and we’re here to fill you in just in case you can’t read Japanese. Check after the break for some nihongo ga.

Ok, we haven’t read it. But we will – real soon, we promise. We will leave you with this brief translation of page one however as a taster.

Futari wa sono inochi o kakete. Taisetsu namano o mamo routoshite.
“Through two people’s lives. The most important things will be tried again.”

Yeah, we’re not really sure either.