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X-Men Origins: Wolverine Details

Submitted by on Tuesday, 9 December 2008One Comment

Who doesn’t want to have adamantium claws and the ability to heal any wound? Hands up. Thought as much.

X-men games (and especially those that have featured Wolverine heavily) have received a mixed reception over the years from the PlayStation 2 effort “X2 – Wolverine’s Revenge” to the “X-Men Legends” titles that, while not redefining videogames as a genre in any way, were fun enough to deserve generally favourable reviews.

With a new X-Men movie on the way however; and this time gaining the moniker of “Origins” due to their focus on one particular character, there’s no surprise a movie tie-in has also been in the works.

Officially announced to the press today, Activision will publish Raven Studio’s upcoming X-Men Origins: Wolverine for release in April 2009. One thing you can say about games based on movies: at least you don’t have to waste any brain cells coming up with a title. Read on for more x-citing details.

Rob Kostich, vice president of Global Brand Management at Activision Publishing, Inc. tells us:

“We have an amazing team with Raven Studios at the helm, creating what will undoubtedly be the quintessential, true-to-character Wolverine video game experience that fans have been craving. X-Men Origins: Wolverine amps up the action by bringing to life Wolverine’s wholly unique skills such as his brute strength, regenerative mutant abilities, and indestructible adamantium claws and skeleton in an immersive experience that is fitting to one of the most enduring and popular characters of all time.”

Details of the actual game are understandably light on the ground at the moment but we do know that the gameplay will follow Wolverine in an “epic action-adventure […] set in a variety of vivid real-world locales.” The game will therefore most likely start in Africa as Logan breaks free from the Weapon X facility and on to a myriad of battlegrounds from throughout the 20th century.

As an X-Men aficionado I’ve been following the new film with some interest (especially after the train wreck of X3: The Last Stand) and have wondered just which origin story they’ll be going with considering, in true X-Men fashion, you never know what is actually deemed canon anymore with histories and back-stories rewritten at the drop of a hat.

While reading the recent article about Empire’s visit to the set, it would appear that they are going to follow the “most popular” Wolverine origin. Therefore expect to see Canadian wilderness, World War I (and II), Vietnam and, my favourite, Japan.

Check below for the first screenshot from the new game.

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