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What would you pay for a Trivial Pursuit?

Submitted by on Friday, 23 January 20093 Comments

trivial_pursuitApparently we are all looking forward to March and the chance to get our grubby mitts on EA’s title, ‘Trivial Pursuit’. Sometimes known as ‘Triv’. Or just ‘T’, depending on how well you know it…

The PS3 version of the hugely popular board game could prove to be a great social addition to Sony’s and EA’s gaming canon. But will the price point of this game prove too much for the cash-strapped gamers out there? Especially after Killzone 2 has sapped a chunk of February’s wage.

Rumours (and I stress that point) are that the game will hit the US shores for a whopping… hit the jump for the answer… $40.00 (tbc). Is that not a tad pricey? Greedy, even?

The game is coming out on BD. When there are still absolute gems out there, is this not going to be lost in the gaming wilderness for the first few months until bargain bins become home to it? If I were in my local game store and found some weird adaptation of a board game for $15 or $20, I might have a flutter. Simply so I could grab a few trophies and get a laugh at my friends’ expense.

But to spend $40.00 on a game I could buy the ‘real’ version of for a lot cheaper in possibly the same store? I don’t think so.

If this were coming to the PSN as a downloadable title, at a more reasonable price (say, $10-$15), I would be writing a very different article – and nearly did 😉 (thanks Brodiesan!). Even at that, there are some very pricey PSN games out there at the moment, and DLC costs needs to be looked at as well.

What price is too high for a game? Does it depend on the game itself? Could (should) they charge, say, $100 for Killzone 2 and $20 for the less-exciting titles? Or for a downloadable version of a game? I know Burnout was not touched by any of my friends because it was the same price as the boxed version… why is that the case? DLC? I have my issues with the LBP DLC, for one.

Let us know in the comments.