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Did Dylan Jobe present Warhawk 2 to Sony?

Submitted by on Tuesday, 20 January 20093 Comments

jobeHave you been following us on Twitter? Apart from the wonderful insight into the inner workings of our twisted cabal, you also get some exclusive news that we don’t publish on the site. Having the account also got us thinking: who else out there is twittering and what are they revealing?

While you can find out more about this very topic shortly on PS3 Attitude, it was actually who came across Warhawk director Dylan Jobe’s micro-blogging note about a new game he has presented to the powers that be in Sony.

Was it Warhawk 2? Could it have been something entirely new?

Check after the jump for some learned speculation from us and how the pitch went with the guys from SCE.

Dylan initially mentions on his twitter feed this morning:

SONY Execs in town today — Drinking my coffee & getting ready, reviewing notes and finishing up my presentation draft.”

When asked how the presentation went Dylan responds that:

Meetings with SONY went great today. The team and SONY crew grabbed lunch & beers.”

He then proceeds to post up a pic (attached to this article) of the revelry himself and the Sony guys enjoyed after the presentation.  You’ll notice that there is beer in the image! In fact, if you follow Dylan on Twitter you’ll discover that he has a massive love of the frothy brew. (Apologies to the guys I had to cut out of the pic, sorry, the image needed manipulation to meet our image guidelines – it’s nothing personal!)

As you undoubtedly are aware, we do not engage in spurious rumour here at PS3 Attitude for a number of reasons; the prime one being that you kinda look like an ass when you get it wrong.  With this in mind, and considering that Incognito and SCE Santa Monica Studios have pretty much made the Twisted Metal games (which David Jaffe is apparently hard at work on) , the God of War series (and everyone and their dog knows about part III) and Warhawk for PS3, the question is simple: was Dylan presenting a sequel to Warhawk to Sony or was it a total new IP?

Either way we’re in for a treat – but let us know what you think in the comments.