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FFVII special edition PS3 rockets to top of Amazon Japan’s Best Sellers List

Submitted by on Sunday, 25 January 2009No Comment

final7-ps3Sometimes it’s difficult for our Western minds to comprehend the absolute hold Final Fantasy has over Japan.

The release of a game in the series is truly like the Super Bowl, Christmas and a Presidential Election all rolled into one.

The  “Curse of Cloud” has struck again it seems, as pre-orders for the new Advent Children themed PS3 are currently at #2 over at Amazon Japan’s Best Sellers list.

What’s number 1? Why, the Advent Children Complete Blu-ray itself.

Read on for more details of what Japanese gamers are throwing their hard-earned Yen at.

alert-ff71The bundle sees our Japanese brethren get a 160GB PS3, the newly updated Final Fantasy VII: Advent Children Complete movie on Blu-ray and, the pièce de ré·sis·tance, the Final Fantasy XIII demo.

However, if you’re thinking of importing the insignia branded PS3 from Nippon then we have some slightly bad news: they’ve stopped taking pre-orders. Due to the limited number of stock unit available, Amazon are only taking orders at certain times; probably when they’ve replenished their stock.

We’ve already predicted that Japan is about to go on a PS3 sales frenzy. Could this package send the country into PS3 overdrive?