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FFVII special edition PS3 rockets to top of Amazon Japan’s Best Sellers List

Submitted by on Sunday, 25 January 2009No Comment

final7 ps3 FFVII special edition PS3 rockets to top of Amazon Japans Best Sellers ListSometimes it’s difficult for our Western minds to comprehend the absolute hold Final Fantasy has over Japan.

The release of a game in the series is truly like the Super Bowl, Christmas and a Presidential Election all rolled into one.

The  “Curse of Cloud” has struck again it seems, as pre-orders for the new Advent Children themed PS3 are currently at #2 over at Amazon Japan’s Best Sellers list.

What’s number 1? Why, the Advent Children Complete Blu-ray itself.

Read on for more details of what Japanese gamers are throwing their hard-earned Yen at.

alert ff71 FFVII special edition PS3 rockets to top of Amazon Japans Best Sellers ListThe bundle sees our Japanese brethren get a 160GB PS3, the newly updated Final Fantasy VII: Advent Children Complete movie on Blu-ray and, the pièce de ré·sis·tance, the Final Fantasy XIII demo.

However, if you’re thinking of importing the insignia branded PS3 from Nippon then we have some slightly bad news: they’ve stopped taking pre-orders. Due to the limited number of stock unit available, Amazon are only taking orders at certain times; probably when they’ve replenished their stock.

We’ve already predicted that Japan is about to go on a PS3 sales frenzy. Could this package send the country into PS3 overdrive?