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Final Fantasy Sites Appear – EU and NA now covered

Submitted by on Saturday, 24 January 2009No Comment

ff13-newThough we’re still not sure if we’ll see it (in English) this side of 2010, Final Fantasy continues on its unstoppable and inevitable path; permeating the gaming industry with a deluge of information, the intensity of such media saturation sure to only increase as we get closer to that elusive release day.

It always seems to start with the interweb these days with new sites now appearing for EU and NA. We’ve also got the Japanese ones for the “completists”.

Click through for the links and some more information.

First up we have the North American site. Not much there to be honest other than a counter promising to reveal more in just over four day’s time.

ff13-counterNext up is the European sister-site. Bit different here as you will need to register which suggests that those pesky Europeans, with their smelly cheese and weird guttural languages, might be getting something extra.

There’s also a couple of links in the background code hinting at a trailer (in both SD and HD) that will be shown on the site. Could that be what the counter is steadily shaving off seconds towards?

Interesting fact: if you scroll down to choose your country you’ll notice that Iraq and Ireland have apparently merged into the formidable super-state of “IraqIreland”. We wish the new country well in these turbulent economic times.

Finally, and just to round things off, there is the the Japanese site and the Versus version. Some screenshots are available on each site and also some haunting yet moving music. (Don’t worry, we didn’t cry … much).