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Final Fantasy XIII trailer is finally here

Submitted by on Wednesday, 28 January 20093 Comments

ffxiii_logo-fix_psd_jpgcopyA few hours back, Majiesto informed you that a new trailer would be made available in the FF XIII site. The video finally went live and, minutes later, it was on YouTube.

As you can see in the upper section of the post, we have included the trailer so that you can enjoy it without having to visit any other site. You should also know that it includes English subs, for all you ‘Gaijins’ out there.

Many things about the story are hinted at with familiar names popping out during the dialogue. The name fal’Cie is mentioned way too many times, so it has to mean something. The same goes for Focus, which has to be an ability of some sort. Cocoon and Pulse are without a doubt two of the game’s areas, while PSICOM is said to be an organization.

As far as the battle system is concerned, it seems like a mix between real time and turn based. From what we’ve seen, we came to the conclusion that you are in control of the character’s movement. Furthermore, in the top right of the battle screen, we couldn’t help noticing the Bonus meter. The word Chain implies that it is a kind of combo multiplier.

The in-game footage is once again spectacular, although a little more polish wouldn’t harm anyone. The character design is flawless with  great attention to detail. The visual quality of this 13th instalment gets our hopes for Versus XIII even higher.

What do you think about this new trailer? Are you seeing what you expected? Let us know by leaving a comment.