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Games of 2009 – Part III

Submitted by on Wednesday, 7 January 20093 Comments

playstation_3_4041106We return with our penultimate Games of 2009 list.

Part III means that there’s just one more to go folks as we attempt to catalogue the full library of games scheduled to be released on the PS3 in 2009.

Our latest batch takes us from ‘L’ all the way through to ‘S’ featuring games like the promising M.A.G., the charming Noby Noby Boy and the big-hitting Resident Evil 5.

So, put the kettle on and enjoy our synopses of another 45 releases scheduled to be coming our way this year.

thumb_luminesLumines Supernova

Publisher: Ubisoft
Developer: Q Entertainment
Out: Now (NA). EU – Q1 2009
Source: Press Release

Our North American readers will have already enjoyed some visual and aural puzzle goodness over the Holiday break but us European folk had had to wait until 2009. Expect the EU supernova version of the popular PSP puzzler to hit the EU store soon. Like, maybe even next week.

thumb_mafiaMafia 2

Publisher: 2K Games
Developer: 2K Czech / Illusion Softworks
Out: Q3 2009
Source: Press Release

With the original Mafiosa themed game selling over two million copies on the sixth generation of consoles, there were no surprises when 2K Games announced a next-next generation sequel.  Still in the capable hands of Illusion Softworks, the game takes place in the late 1940s time period with Christoph Hartmann, President of 2K stating: “We are excited to leverage the power of next generation console technology to create an all-new experience, while embracing the elements that resonated with the previous game’s fans.” The sand-box mob masterpiece will be with us this Fall.


Publisher: SCE
Developer: Zipper Interactive
Out: Q4 2009
Source: IGN

MAG (or M.A.G. if you like acronyms) was Sony’s big reveal at 2008’s E3 and was greeted with a collection of raised eyebrows and cautious optimism (most people were hoping for some in-game God of War III footage presumably). The “Massive Action Game” sees 256 concurrent players fighting it out in the same environment with players going through a unique promotion system with the non-cannon fodder (amazingly) getting promoted to lead their squads. With teams of eight players banding together to tactically get an advantage over their competitors, it apparently will not descend into a giant free-for-all with people scurrying about like their heads are on fire and dying willy-nilly but a strategic war game played out by a cast of thousands (ok, hundreds). Zipper have the pedigree when it comes to shooters with the successful SOCOM franchise under their belt, but how they will handle the challenges and scope of a MMO shooter is yet to be seen. Looks like we’ll be finding out in about twelve months.

thumb_mshsMarvel Super Hero Squad

Publisher: THQ
Developer: THQ (TBC)
Out: Q3 2009
Source: Press Release

Unless you’re a fervent fan of action figure collecting (and we’re not saying that you’re not) you may not be aware of Marvel Super Hero Squad. A 2″ action figure toy line from Hasbro, the series is evil marketers’ attempts to get the young hooked on collecting figurines from an early age. In league with Marvel, Hasbro have already launched over twenty-four “waves” and numerous box sets of action figures ranging from fan-favourite Wolverine to the lesser known Hand Ninja. Where there are toys you can be assured there will be games and, last May, Marvel announced that a MSHS game for the next generation consoles was in the works. With a release planned for this Fall, Simon Phillips, President of Marvel International and Head of Worldwide Animation and Video Games promises “fun and humor […] waiting around every corner” with popular characters including “Iron-Man, Hulk, Spider-Man, Captain America, Wolverine, Thor, The Fantastic Four, and many more” co-existing in a “caricatured Super Hero City”. Marvel villains noted include Doctor Doom, Magneto, Iron Monger, Loki, and the Abomination. One for our younger readers (edit: we have younger readers?)

thumb_marvel_allianceMarvel Ultimate Alliance 2 – Fusion

Publisher: Activision
Developer: Vicarious Visions
Out: 2009
Source: Press Release / Official site

We don’t know much about the sequel to 2006’s Marvel Ultimate Alliance considering the press release simply offers up a trailer (and what a nice trailer it is too) but we’re sure to keep an eye on the superhero slug-fest over the coming months. The official site helps a little by quoting Dan Tanguay, creative director for Vicarious Visions, who states that the game kicks off after the Nick Fury (Director of S.H.I.E.L.D.) led invasion of Latveria. That’s where Dr. Doom is from in case you were wondering. We’re assuming the good Doctor is not too happy with the insurgence into his homeland.


Publisher: Lexicon Entertainment
Developer: TF-H Co Ltd.
Out: Q3 2009
Source: Press Release

Originally released on Nintendo’s Wii and DS, Chinese developer TF-H’s Matchman is heading our way for the PS3. A shooter with a distinctive aesthetic (see accompanying image), Steven Shao of TF-H describes Matchman as “a side scrolling shooter involving extraordinary graphics, manipulation and creative features. The graphic style is consisted by black and white line drawing, and the script is based on a combination of some classical fairy-tales such as Grimm’s and Anderson’s.” Sounds interesting and we’ll be sure to watch for more news about the quirky title throughout the year.

thumb_unknownMetropolismania 3

Publisher: Natsume
Developer: Media Factory
Out: July 12 2009 (Japan)
Source: Gamespot

The city-building strategy series received mixed reviews when the first two games launched on the PS2 so we’re not sure if the third iteration on the PS3 will even see a release outside of Nippon. Ditching the – graphics for a more realistic sky-scape (and hence utilising the power of the PS3) Metropolismania 3 will also allow users to upload their own high-def cities for other players to visit and run around a la GTA IV. No news if we’ll be able to blow things up while enjoying a Burger Shot but we’ll keep you posted if and when more news of the game emerges.

thumb_frontMLB Front Office Manager

Publisher: 2K Sports
Developer: Blue Castle Games
Out: January 27th 2009
Source: Press Release

Baseball may not be too popular in Europe but we do at least know how much our North American and Japanese fellow-gamers love the stick and ball pastime. One thing we do have an affinity for over here in the Old Countries is the allure if fantasy sports leagues so MLB Front Office Manager will at least garner a nod of appreciation – irrespective of region. The game “lets gamers do everything a real-life baseball GM can do to develop a team from Spring Training through a full MLB season, into the playoffs and the World Series.” It’s released in about three weeks.

thumb_nobiNoby Noby Boy

Publisher: Namco Bandai
Developer: Namo Bandai (Keita Takahashi)
Out: Q1 2009
Source: Press Release

We love Keita Takahashi here at PS3 Attitude (even though he never returns our badly written Japanese emails). When the visionary designer is not dreaming up quirky game mechanics like Katamary Damacy, he’s planning children’s playgrounds in Nottingham, UK. Nobi, a Japanese word for “stretch”, describes the PSN game perfectly as players control “BOY” as he expands around the game environment earning points for the level of “stretchyness” obtained. And that’s it. Genius!

thumb_operationOperation Flashpoint 2: Dragon Rising

Publisher: Codemasters
Developer: Bohemia Interactive Studios
Out: March 2009
Source: Press Release

Taking cue from the successful Operation Flashpoint title for the PC (and Xbox), Bohemia Interactive returns with the HD war-theatre campaign Dragon Rising. After numerous postponements we’re promised the game will surface this March and open up the island of ‘Skira’; a play on real-life island Kiska and part of Alaska (with a wonderful real war history if you’re interested) that acts as the backdrop for the game. The developers have painstakingly recreated the island and have included the concept of “persistent damage”. In other words: when you blow something up – it stays blown up for the duration of the game.

thumb_outrunOutRun Online Arcade

Publisher: SEGA
Developer: Sumo Digital
Out: Q1 2009
Source: Press Release

With “15 glorious OutRun courses” expect to revisit the wonderful world of arcade racing courtesy of SEGA and the PSN in the next few weeks. OutRun occupies a permanent place in the hearts of many racing fans worldwide, and with the release of this HD version, we’re sure the game will be a popular download.

thumb_overlordiiOverlord II

Publisher: Codemasters
Developer: Triumph Studios
Out: 2009
Source: Press Release

With Writers’ Guide Award-nominated author Rhianna Pratchett handling the scripting duties, expect Overlord II to up the ante in 2009. The press release quotes Director and Overlord Lead Lennart Sas with stating: “Epic battles, all new Minion play mechanics, a stunningly detailed new visuals and a fresh theme – Overlord II’s really packing a punch.” Lennart is also excited about the changes found in the sequel noting: “[We’re] shifting the world to a new era where a Roman-inspired Empire rises as the arch-enemy of the Overlord, which leads to an epic clash between the regimented forces of a sprawling state and the faster, harder, more manic minion horde.” We thought the million selling original was fun and worthy of picking up therefore we’ll keep an eye on this potential sleeper-hit of 2009.

thumb_unknown1PixelJunk Dungeons (PSN Game #1)

Publisher: SCEE / SCEA / Q-Games
Developer: Q-Games
Out: 2009
Source: PS Blog / Gamasutra

Not much is known about Q-Games two new PixelJunk games coming this year other than the fact that they’re coming. Don’t forget that there was some talk about some  PJ games last year over at Gamasutra. The games mentioned were “Eden” and “Dungeons”. Considering Eden is out (and frustrating the hell out of most of us) it’s a safe bet to assume that one of the other two recently announced titles is the aforementioned Dungeons. We could be wrong though.

thumb_unknown1PixelJunk PSN Game #2

Publisher: SCEE / SCEA / Q-Games
Developer: Q-Games
Out: 2009
Source: PS Blog

See above.

thumb_planetPlanet 51

Publisher: TBA
Developer: Pyro Studios
Out: Q4 2009 (TBC)
Source: IGN

Planet 51 is a new animated movie from Handmade Films International and covers a new take on the whole alien invasion concept. This time around the aliens are us humans as we invade an alien culture paranoid about the concept of being visited by lifeforms from across the stars. The release date of the movie is November 20th so expect the oligatory game tie-in to pop up around the same time.


Publisher: Can’t find one anywhere
Developer: Blitz Games Studios (Volatile division)
Out: 2009 (If they find a publisher and drop everything)
Source: Press Release

The last press release about Blitz Games’ despotic zombie-controlling city-destroying game was back in October 2005 with nothing but radio silence since then. Maybe the undead got them. The latest missive from Blitz communicates that the game is not cancelled but they have failed to secure a publisher so are hence following other avenues. Their library doesn’t boast the best of properties with the only mature game quoted being Reservoir Dogs (which we played on the Xbox and was pretty poor). Blitz usually make games like Barbie Horse Adventures and Bratz: The Movie. Maybe they should leave the zombie/Dungeon Keeper type games to the likes of Capcom and EA?

thumb_postalPostal III

Developer: Running With Scissors / Akella
Out: 2009
Source: Press Release

Shunning the first person perspective (and hence the Unreal 3 engine) Running With Scissors will be taking the controversial, sorry, (ahem) “dark comedic video game franchise” Postal into the third person perspective utilising the Source engine (which powers Half-Life 2 in case you were wondering). In a flagrant display of titillation and shock tactics, the game will feature “Directors’ Hall of Shame” candidate Uwe Boll and a host of “Playboy Playmates and celebrities”. If the released screenshots are anything to go by (yes, the protagonist can be seen shooting from what is described as a “Badgersaw”) expect to see a rash of riff-raff Z-listers who were rejected from Celebrity Big Brother to feature prominently.


Publisher: Sierra Entertainment / Activistion
Developer: Radical Entertainment
Out: April 2009
Source: Press Release

American band Cake sang about it best when they said: “Some people drink Pepsi, some people drink Coke”, and with the release of Prototype and inFamous in 2009 we can’t help but feel that most people will be leaning towards one over the other. Of course, it’s not the first time that two thematically similar games will be released around the same period but we are interested to see how the PS3 exclusive inFamous squares up to the multi-plat Prototype. Developed by Canada’s Radical Entertainment (best known for their Hulk games) PROTOTYPE (official typeset) shares the same open-ended city traversing elements of its competitor though adds in a delicious dose of shape-shifting and skill stealing. You play Alex Mercer, a man “haunted by his past and fighting a secret war in New York City” who can “climb or wall-run across any surface, jump 30 stories high, and destroy anything that crosses his path.” Ah, so that’s where those Hulk games are coming in handy. In case you’re wondering, we’re slightly more in the Prototype camp here at PS3 Attitude though this may change as the two games get closer to a release.

thumb_quantumQuantum Theory

Publisher: Tecmo
Developer: Tecmo
Out: 2009
Source: IGN

It’s no secret that we thought 2008’s TGS was a bit of a wash-out. After such early promise, the only new games announced for the PS3 were Demon’s Souls (a title that still, grammatically, annoys the hell out of us) and Quantum Theory. The latter smacks of equal parts Gears of War and Devil May Cry and an “organic” cover system in reference to the tower each of the lead characters (Sid and Filena) are attempting to climb quoted as being actually “alive” and capable of throwing up pillars of bullet defying basalt. Sid’s weapon is also quoted as being a gun and a sword. Those crazy Japanese!

thumb_ragRag Doll Kung Fu: Fists of Plastic

Publisher: SCE
Developer: MediaMolecule
Out: 2009
Source: Press Release

Before Sackboy and the media explosion of LittleBigPlanet, MediaMolecule made some small but impressive waves in the developer arena with Rag Doll Kung Fu. A vehicle to promote the physics acumen of the studio, the game was well received despite its limited promotion. A PS3 update is now on its way which gains the subtitle “Fists of Plastic” and a wealth of other updates. Will MM replicate the media frenzy seen with their last game? We doubt it but this PSN game could be a surprise gem this year.


Publisher: EA
Developer: id
Out: 2009 (we hope)
Source: Press Release

We’re expecting big things from “Daddy of the FPS” developer id Software this year. Not only do we get a new Doom (see the first part of this series), we also get RAGE which is already being billed as the “studio’s next blockbuster franchise”. Todd Hollenshead, CEO of id Software tells us in the press release that: “RAGE represents a new direction for our games [and] is a shooter unlike any other, developed on our cutting edge new technology, and built to the exacting standards id is famous for.” RAGE hit the headlines last year when it was announced that certain textures in the PS3 version would be of higher fidelity than the 360 version due to the capacity gifting virtues of the PS3’s Blu-ray. Did we just stoke an old fanboy fire? We believe we just did.

thunb_rainyRainy Woods

Publisher: Marvelous Interactive
Developer: Access Games
Out: 2009 (weather dependent)
Source: Eurogamer

You can’t wait for Rainy Woods, can you? OK, we’re kidding as we’re pretty sure this is another one of those games on this list that you (probably) have never heard of. We reported on it way back in September of 2007 and showed a trailer which blatantly lied to us at its end with the whole “Coming 2008” announcement. It does suggest that the game won’t slip a whole year and will be with us in 2009 but, you never know. The game smacks of a weird hodge-podge mix-mash of Twin Peaks, Silent Hill and Primal Fear as you play David Young Henning, an FBI agent with a pretty cool quirk – if schizophrenia can be referred to as cool. Or a quirk. David’s alternate personality, Jeter, pops up every now and again to help out in trying to solve the murder mystery. Apparently the game’s similarities to David Lynch’s Twin Peaks was so evident that the game has been dragged back into R&D to make it less “plagiaristic”. Maybe that 2010 date is looking more likely after all.

thumb_ratchetRatchet & Clank Future Sequel [untitled]

Publisher: SCE
Developer: Insomniac
Out: Q3 2009
Source: Because they said so at the end of Quest for Booty

Fans of the lomax and robot duo shouldn’t have to wait too long for another dose of high-octane comedic platforming if we’re to believe the end credits of PSN title Quest for Booty. “The Quest Continues Fall 2009” they claimed so we have to take them at their word. No confirmation yet if this will be a new retail game or another sizable chapter akin to the QFB download only episode but, either way, we can look forward to more Ratchet in 2009.

thumb_reddeadRed Dead Revolver 2

Publisher: Rockstar Games
Developer: Rockstar San Diego
Out: When it’s finished (if it’s finished)
Source: YouTube

Hands up. This is probably the flimsiest source we have for a game on our 2009 list. We know the game exists, we know a logo was created and shown at 2008’s E3 and we know that Rockstar are making it. We don’t know however if it is, in fact, cancelled, a PS3 exclusive or will even be any good. The original game, which hit on the previous wave of consoles, was a surprise hit for Rockstar. Who’d have thought a Western would sell so well when most people are obsessed with future shooters, rhythm games and/or outlandish platformers? Well, it did and the sequel may surface this year. Or may not. Or may be cancelled. We really don’t know but it makes the list anyway.

thumb_redfactionRed Faction: Guerrilla

Publisher: THQ
Developer: Volition Inc.
Out: Q1 2009
Source: Press Release

Remember Red Faction? ‘Course you do. It was the game that promised the ability to “destroy your environment and change the outcome of the game completely”. Then you quickly realised that you could only blow up “special” types of Martian rock and the much trumpeted “environment altering” mechanic spiralled into mere distraction/frustration. Set fifty years after the climatic events of the original, Mike Kulas, president of Volition, Inc. states in the release: “Red Faction: Guerrilla expands the signature destruction elements of the series and pushes the boundaries of next-gen gaming on a massive, terra-formed Mars where gamers can literally tear down the enemy EDF presence brick by brick. With a new 3rd person perspective, a full cover system that allows for guerrilla style tactics and a diverse planet to explore we’re excited to revitalize the gripping world of Red Faction for high-definition platforms.” We admit to being a little let down by the original game (really? with that opening paragraph?) but we’re optimistic that, with new hardware and the skills over at Volition, maybe the developers were hampered by the hardware available with the last generation and the new tech will allow them to fully realise their design aspirations.

thumb_re5Resident Evil 5

Publisher: Capcom
Developer: Capcom
Out: March 13 2009 (released a week earlier for the lucky Japanese)
Source: Press Release

Despite the fact that Takeuchi-san confirmed that RE5 is more or less RE4 with some more bells and whistles, we’re actually not that bothered. It’s like someone offering you more chocolate cake. It’s chocolate cake! What’s not to like? The game was steeped in some early controversy with claims of racism fuelled by the fact that the first trailer showed Chris Redfield (who’s white) shooting rabid African zombie villagers. The key word here is “African” and apparently there was some issue with the fact that they were black. The fact is, the word people should be focusing on here is actually not “African” but “zombie”. When you’re zombified, this aspect of your “life” takes precedence over what ethnicity you USED to be. With a game set in Africa it’s hardly surprising to see the zombie population mostly dark skinned. Zombification is not predujiced. Zombies don’t care whose brains they eat. Later trailers showed zombies of other ethnicities and people realised that they were beating an (un)dead horse and focused on the fact that there’s a new RE game coming! And that’s all that matters.

thumb_ridetohellRide To Hell

Publisher: Deep Silver
Developer: Deep Silver / Perspective Studios
Out: Q2 2009
Source: Press Release

In 2009, Deep Silver bring us the hard-hitting biker culture exposé with Ride To Hell. Set at the end of the 60s and heavily populated with hippy culture, rock’n’roll, drugs and the usual sexual escapades that come with all that, Ride To Hell promises to be a “bare knuckle” look at the hard-drinking and harder fighting West Coast sub-culture surrounding those who like nothing more than riding their bikes and getting into trouble. Think Sons of Anarchy meets Grand Theft Auto. With beards.

thumb_riseRise of the Argonauts

Publisher: Codemasters
Developer: Liquid Entertainment
Out: February 6th 2009 (UK)
Source: Press Release

This one is for our UK buddies across the water. Though the game is already out in every region known to man (OK, that might be a bit hyperbolic), for some bizarre reason known only to Codemasters, the game did not receive a UK release in 2008. This will be rectified this February when UK players will also be able to “[take] the role of Jason, a hero and expert warrior, players will battle alongside Hercules, Achilles, Atalanta and other Argonauts as they engage in brutal combat against formidable beasts and enemies, in a vast world alive with fickle gods, jaw-dropping panoramas, deep exploration and epic quests. The search for the Golden Fleece is not only one of exploration, but of transformation: from warrior king to exalted hero touched by the gods.”

thumb_rockRock Revolution

Publisher: Konami
Developer:  Konami
Out: Q1 2009
Source: Press Release

Some people forget that it was Konami who popularised the whole “fake-musician” genre with games such as Guitar Freaks and DanceDanceRevolution. Looking at the insane amount of money both Activision and EA/Harmonix are reaping with the Guitar Hero and Rock Band franchises it appears that Konami are now ready to return to the stage and make this a three horse race. Anthony Crouts, Vice President of Marketing for Konami Digital Entertainment, Inc., offers: “Rock Revolution will be the most innovative and realistic rock game to hit the market, that will provide a quality drum peripheral and music that players will appreciate.” Can Konami put a dent in the big two’s mammoth fan-base? We’ll find out soon.

thumb_rogueRogue Warrior: Black Razor

Publisher: Bethesda Softworks
Developer: Zombie Studios
Out: 2009
Source: Bethesda site

Based on the novels by Richard Marcinko, RW:BR is a story-driven FPS similar to the likes of COD or the Medal of Honor series. Gamers get to play as the Richard himself (a real life ex-SEAL) as he leads his team into the far flung hot-zone of North Korea. With the outbreak of nuclear war imminent with its southerly neighbour, Richard (you!) must prevent a global catastrophe. If you’re any good at gaming you should be used to these things by now. 


Publisher: EA
Developer: Pandemic
Out: Q1 2009
Source:  Official website / Gamespot

Despite claiming a Q1 2009 release date there is little actually known about Pandemic’s Saboteur. What we do know is that Paris is the location, World War II is the period and the game has an “Okami” feel to it. We like Paris and we really like Okami so all this is ticking the necessary boxes for us so far.  Gamespot had a preview of the game where we learn that the plot surrounds “an Irish man named Sean and a regular among the racing groups of Paris. Although the German Army’s grip over the area is becoming tighter everyday, he ignores their presence, until one by one his friends are killed by the Nazis. This finally breaks Sean’s tolerance of the German presence, and he takes up arms against them to gain his revenge.” Go Sean!

thumb_sacredSacred 2: Fallen Angel

Publisher: Koch / Deep Silver
Developer: Ascaron
Out: March 31 2009
Source: Press Releases (buckets of them)

Sacred 2: Fallen Angel is the subject of a bit of an in-joke here at PS3 Attitude. We’ll let you in by revealing that, of all the games we receive press releases for, Sacred 2 is by far the most publicised game by any PR company we know of. Seriously, most games receive maybe a dozen press releases from announcement to release (even the big titles like LittleBigPlanet – which received 9 in case you were wondering) however Sarced 2 literally has 63 (yes, I counted them). Or 122 if you include the announcements whenever a new screenshot is released. We’re not being derisory towards the game (or the zealous support its PR company is showing it) but this rampant press releasing is something of a phenomenon. The “joke” is that, despite the insane volumes of data, images, behind-the-scenes footage, video and other miscellaneous content released to the press – we’ve never chosen to report on it. Not once. Oops! On to the game. The best way to describe the aesthetic would be “Evil Dead on acid”. There are undead, there are colours, there is so much going on that your eyes will bleed rainbows. But hey, why are we talking about it when we could pluck any one of the many descriptions from the library of press releases? “SACRED 2 is a purely action-based role-playing game, featuring six diverse and in-depth characters, each with their own distinct gameplay style. SACRED 2 will offer the player two different campaigns; one in the Light, the other in Shadow. The chosen path will influence the reception of the player in different environments; a city which welcomed a good character is likely to be hostile towards an evil one.” Sacred 2 hits at the end of March. We can’t wait – if anything the press releases might stop.

thumb_section8Section 8

Publisher: Gamecock Media Group
Developer: TimeGate Studios
Out: 2009
Source: Press Release and official site

Named after the military term that designates a combatant as unfit for service due to “mental issues”, TimeGate are currently hard at work on the cross-platform sci-fi shooter “Section 8”. Adel Chaveleh, President and CEO of TimeGate, fills us in: “Section 8 is our most ambitious project to date, and it’s really exciting to have the full support of our publisher to deliver the absolute best game possible.” A teaser site for the game has gone live where we find out some more details: “Set at the crossroads of a growing insurrection among its colonies, Earth dispatches the elite 8th Armored Infantry to turn the tide. Utilizing advanced powered armor suits, these brave volunteers are the only ones crazy enough to smash through enemy defenses and drop directly into the battlefield from 15,000 feet, earning them the nickname ‘Section 8.'” Suicidal gung ho space marines? Where do we enlist?

thumb_segaSEGA Mega Drive Ultimate Collection

Publisher: SEGA (big surprise)
Developer: Backbone Entertainment
Out: Q1 2009
Source: Press Release

Tired of all that high-definition online futuristic bedazzlement from what studios are passing off as “games” these days? You’re in luck. Prepare to go old-school with a veritable treasure trove of Mega-drive gems from a bygone era. European Marketing Director for SEGA Europe, Gary Knight, comments: “SEGA Mega Drive Ultimate Collection is a must-have for any SEGA enthusiast. Fans will get a chance to relive fond memories from these classic games in HD format.” With forty retro titles on offer, players will be able to get their hands on the likes of Sonic the Hedgehog 1, 2 and 3, Columns, Alien Storm, Ecco the Dolphin, Space Harrier, and cult classic, Streets of Rage 1, 2 and 3. As Gary mentions, the collection will “output the games in 720p with higher resolution graphics for HD televisions, bringing a new visual richness to these classic titles.” Now that’s what we call awesome.


Publisher: TBA
Developer: Escalation Studios
Out: 2009 (if the Wii stops being so damn popular)
Source: Escalation Studios

This is an odd one. Not content with playing the usual games that the rest of us mere mortals have to contend with, cyberathletes are to get their own tailored FPS experience enfused with various different FPS elements (there’s more than just shooting things?). Severity was sponsored by the Cyberathlete Professional League’s parent company and was/is in development by Escalation Studios. As the league is on hiatus at the moment there was valid speculation that Severity was cancelled. Not so accordingly to Escalation’s Tom Mustaine. It’s just in “stealth mode” at the moment with Escalation focusing on their Wii titles. Are you interested in playing an FPS designed with the best gamers in mind? Or do you think that this whole thing smacks of ostentation? Feel free to chime in with your views in the comments.


Publisher: TBA
Developer: John Woo’s Company
Out: 2009 (Don’t bet on it)
Source: IGN

Put that angry email to PS3 Attitude away. We know this game has been lost in the etheral expanse of time but it makes our list as even IGN believes it’s not cancelled. The game features a ninja versus new technology. That’s about it. So it’s cancelled then? Pretty much.

thumb_shellshockShellshock 2: Blood Trails

Publisher: Eidos Interactive
Developer: Rebellion Developments
Out: February 2009
Source: Press Release

The first Shellshock game sold pretty well so why not a sequel? Why not indeed. The game is an FPS survival horror with a twist as the player finds himself in Vietnam, though not on vacation. From the press release: “At the height of the Vietnam War, a covert ops cargo plane carrying a top-secret consignmentknown only as ‘Whiteknight’ is lost over the deepest, uncharted jungles. Special Ops soldiers are immediately dispatched to the scene to retrieve the top secret shipment and one-by-one they disappear without a trace… until one month later, one of them suddenly walks out of the jungle. Crazed and deranged, something in the jungle had ripped out his humanity, poisoning his soul. Something in the darkness had driven him mad….and followed him out.” Jeepers! Lee Singleton, General Manager of Eidos Game Studios, adds: “Survival takes on a new meaning as you fight against all sides of the conflict: your enemy, your allies and the victims… the casualties of Whiteknight, an enemy that ultimately has no side.” War, don’t you just love it?

thumb_silentSilent Hill: Homecoming

Publisher: Konami
Developer: Double Helix Games
Out: February 20 2009 (EU/AU)
Source: Press Release

This list is borked! This game is already out! Yes, my North American/Japanese friends, it is … but not in Europe, or Australia for that matter. The “perenially shunned” continents finally get their hands on the latest Silent Hill chapter with Homecoming seeing a European and Down Under release date this February. Despite less than stellar reviews (Metacritic has it at a steady 72%) some of us here are huge fans of the franchise, and even though Team Silent are not involved, we’ll be picking it up as soon as we can get our grubby little blood-soaked mits on it.


Publisher: Activision
Developer:  Raven Software
Out: 2009
Source: Press Release (trailer), IGN (details)

Announced at last year’s E3, Singularity is a third person action game from famed X-men Legends (and, personal fave, Star Wars: Jedi Knight II) developer Raven Software. We don’t know much about the game other than the fact that it is an FPS and time features heavily in the game-play. The press release is simply a (nice looking) trailer so we dug around a little for you and came up with IGN’s preview. Yep – fracture in time. Madness ensues.

thumb_skateSkate 2

Publisher: EA
Developer: Blackobox
Out: January 2009
Source: Press Release

Skate redefined the virual board-riding genre as, just when we thought Tony Hawk was going to build a new mansion (with half-pipes) on the royalties of yet another eponymous “Tony Hawk Does Something in America With His Mates” game, along comes a new pretender to the kick-flip crown. Skate was well received and its sequel is sounding very much like an even better slice of skate-boarding heaven. With the abilty to dismount and move things around in the world and call up friends to drain pools and provide lookout, the game also has the interesting addition of offering players the chance to create their own skating playgrounds and upload them for others to enjoy/face plant to. Kinda like LittleBigSkate if you know what you get us.

thumb_socomSOCOM: US Navy SEALs Confrontation

Publisher: SCE
Developer: Slant Six Games
Out: Now – unless you’re European (or Australian) then – it’s Q1 2009
Source: Press Release

Taking over the reins from Zipper Interactive (don’t worry, they’re busy with MAG – see above), Slant Six Games have worked diligently on the 7th gen version of the popular SOCOM series for a number of years now. Unfortunately, all that hard work didn’t really pay off if we’re to gauge the general consensus regarding its general lack of awesomeness when the game hit in NA and Japan last year. Seriously under-baked, the game was a prime victim of “Hit-that-release-window-or-else”-itis with numerous features (like, you know, a reliable online service; kinda needed considering the game is, wait for it, online only) nearly completely missing from the original release. Since the early tumultuous days of SOCOM:Confrontation, we’ve witnessed a flurry of patches and fixes and the game is now starting to resemble an actual viable and fun experience. We get it soon.


Publisher: Namco Bandai
Developer: BottleRocket Entertainment
Out: 2009
Source: Press Release (Image from GameSpot)

The fact is, some things are better left dead. If you were born before 1980, and curious about what this game might be, there’s a good chance that you are not aware of the furore Splatterhouse caused nearly twenty years ago. Unless of course you have a penchant for retro-gaming or an older brother/sister who let you see his or her “adult” games back in the 1990s. You see, back in the burgeoning and nascent era of video games when plagiarism was not only permitted but downright promoted, Splatterhouse was a such a game that fell into the category of “knock-off press-bait” due to its “influences” and less than friendly content.  Though not blatantly copying another game of course, it contained serious dollops of inspiration from the horror movies of the time like Friday the 13th and Hallowe’en. Just look at the hockey-mask original Splatterhouse protagonist Rick wore! Apart from the “similarities” with other properties the title also has the accolade of being the first game to be banned in arcades in America due to its overt violence and sacrilegous imagery (an inverted cross appears – somewhere). Namco however have decided that the industry has all grown up since then and that the franchise needs a reboot. We’re going to be completely honest here – the early (and gory) footage of the game reminds us far to much of the over-the-top shock tactics of the original. We’ll keep an eye on it but only to see if we’re right in our prediction that it’s going to be less than stellar.


Publisher: SEGA
Developer: The Creative Assembly
Out: 2009
Source: Press Release

RTSs get a significant amount of bashing on consoles so it’s always with a pinch of skepticism and fleeting hope when a new Real Time Stratgey is announced for the PS3. Like EndWar, Stormrise is set on Earth but this time with a dramatic twist. Centuries have past since mankind razed the world to the ground and now two competing races (the Sai and the Echelon) combat each other in a frantic attempt to survive. The press release gives up the following information: “Stormrise […] allows units to be commanded in the air, across rooftops, on the Earth’s surface and even underground, this unique idea of “verticality” introduces multiple layers of gameplay that must be mastered for strategic advantage.” The guys out in The Creative Assembly’s Australian studio plan to have Stormrise with us some time this year. Considering the experience gained from all those Total War games, we have high hopes for this one.

thunb_sf-ivStreet Fighter IV

Publisher: Capcom
Developer: Capcom
Out: February 20 2009
Source: Press Release

We’ve covered Street Fighter IV endlessly here at PS3 Attitude so we doubt you’ll need to be informed of what’s going on with the latest chapter in the popular fighting series. The visual style has polarised fans with its inky sprays when punches and kicks connect to the design of some of the age-old characters. Speaking of characters, expect to see some new kids enter the fray including Crimson Viper, Abel, El Fuerte, and Rufus.

We’re nearly there folks. Just one more update to go which you can expect to see before the end of this week.