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Games of 2009 – Part IV

Submitted by on Thursday, 22 January 200912 Comments

060906_playstation3_ps3We’re back with our final look at the remaining upcoming games of 2009. The alphabetical listing continues so this set goes from T all the way to Z. Is there a game coming out in 2009 that starts with Z? You’ll have to scroll down to find out.

Since starting our Games of 2009 feature more and more games seem to be coming out of the woodwork. The total now tallies at a mighty 216, a figure unlikely to remain static with new announcements sure to hit throughout the year.

Check after the jump for another 43 games scheduled to be released in 2009. It just so happens to contain the official “Most Wanted” game here at PS3 Attitude – but more on that later.

team-ico1_crTeam Ico Project

Publisher: SCE
Developer: Team Ico
Out: 2009
Source: Sony Japan’s Team Ico Page

Shuhei Yoshida – Sony’s Worldwide Studios president – calls Team Ico his “Olympic Team”, referring to the four year intervals between their prestigious releases. Ueda-san burst on to the PlayStation scene with the brilliant Ico, a game referred to by many as “The best game you have never played.” Loved by critics and fans alike (but missing out in the sales domain) Ueda-san was non-plussed and followed up with “Shadow of the Colossus” to universal aplomb. We’ve all be waiting to see what Team Ico have been concocting on the PS3 but, truth be told, there’s practically nothing known about the super-secret game apart from that infamous shot of the “chain in the well” released on Sony Japan’s Team Ico hiring page. Yoshida-san has seen some of the early progress however and promises that Team Ico will not disappoint when their inaugural PS3 launches. Will it make this year? If we believe the “four year cycle” rule then this should be on everyone’s 2009 Christmas list.

tekken_6_crTekken 6

Publisher: Sony
Developer: Namco
Out: Q3 2009
Source: Press Release / IGN

Like a tenacious Bond villain, the King of the Iron Fist tournament just won’t go away. Now in its sixth iteration, Namco’s latest button-bash-a-thon may no longer be exclusive to the PS3 but it will surely continue to strike a fighting chord with many fans of the series. It wouldn’t be a new edition without the expected slew of changes/updates and Tekken’s sixth time out is no different. Item attacks are now introduced which add a ranged combat element along with the new bounce feature resulting in players no longer being able to tech roll after a knock down. The expected new characters show up in the form of Bob (fat), Leo (spelunker), Miguel Caballero Rojo (sister-lover), Zafina (tomb guardian), NANCY-MI847J (bonus mid boss before fighting Jin Kazama) and Azazel (demon).

terminator-salvation-poster_crTerminator Salvation – The Videogame

Publisher: Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment
Developer: GRIN
Out: May 2009
Source: Press Release

The director may have a ridiculous name but early impressions of the new Terminator movie have been cautiously optimistic. With Christian Bale on board as “saviour of all mankind against the metal” John Connor, we have high hopes that the cyborg franchise can recover from the misstep that was the last incarnation. Along with the film there is the obligatory video-game tie-in of course with Swedish developer GRIN (the same guys that gave us the Ghost Recon series and upcoming Bionic Commando) and Halcyon Games taking on the popular franchise. The game offers us the chance to play as the enigmatic leader in the future-war against the machines but will you decide to change fate and buy it? Only time will tell.

terra_formations_game_logo_crTerra: Formations

Publisher: Star Cave Studios
Developer: In-house
Out: 2009
Source: Press Release

Irish developer Star Cave Studios plan to release their first PS3 title this year with Terra: Formations. With FPS, RTS, MMO and RPG elements, we’re not sure if this “whatever you like” type offering will deliver but consider our interest piqued. The plot of Terra: Formations focuses on a near future where mankind’s esurient consumption of resources have depleted Earth to an irrevocable shell. Reaching out into the solar system, the Global Military Alliance decide to terraform Jupiter’s icy moon, Europa. Cracking the surface of the frozen satellite however, they quickly realise that they are not alone. Players join the ranks of an elite military unit tasked with forging a habitable environ for mankind to dwell in out beyond the frigid depths of space. Considering you’ve got a gun and there are frosty Europans about (as opposed to frosty Europeans), you’ll also get to shoot things no doubt.

agency_crThe Agency

Publisher: Sony Online Entertainment
Developer: SOE Seattle
Out: 2009
Source: Press Release

When SOE announced The Agency back in June of 2007 there were some who wondered how the whole thing would work. Others thought that they were really on to something. We’re firmly in the latter camp and hence are truly looking forward to getting our hands on the upcoming spy MMO. The concept is simple enough: you play a spy and member of one of two rival covert factions. Whether you chose the slick Bond-esque UNITE or the more visceral and “rule averse” PARAGON is a matter of personal taste. Either will present an engrossing espionage themed gaming experience. We’re hoping that the delivery of the game is fine-tuned and players will not have to resort to dispatching copious amounts of unnamed henchmen in order to upgrade a particular gadget. The premise allows for in-game relationships to build between the protagonists with innumerable degrees of customisation. Matt Wilson, Director of Development at SOE Seattle, assures that The Agency will “take the online gaming industry to new places […], not only in terms of its theme, but also in its design. It’s accessible to all types of players, blending genres and changing up established conventions. It’s different from anything SOE has released before.”

the_chronicles_of_riddick__assault_on_dark_athena_crThe Chronicles of Riddick: Assault on Dark Athena

Publisher: Atari
Developer: Starbreeze
Out: March 2009
Source: Press Release

What started off as a HD remake of cult classic Escape from Butcher Bay adjoined by a couple of extra levels, metamorphosed into a whole new game. Players will now not only be able to replay the first game (EFBB) in glorious HD, but the Assault on Dark Athena promises to be a fully fledged game in its own. The previous gen version was a surprise hit amongst those who picked it up. Sure, it was another FPS, but its execution and design was a gritty new take on a tried and trusted genre. Considering the new release is practically two games in one (and the fact that we here at PS3 Attitude are always looking for a bargain during these tumultuous economic times) we’re looking forward for Mr. Diesel’s polygonic make-over.

godfather-ii_crThe Godfather II

Publisher: EA
Developer: EA Redwood Shores
Out: February 27th 2009
Source: Press Release

The biggest difference between Godfather II and its competent predecessor is in scope. This time around the reach of the Italian Mafia now spreads to multiple cities as players get the opportunity to orchestrate a crime empire from New York to Florida and even as far as Cuba. The key word here is “empire” as the Godfather games distinguishes itself as more than a GTA clone with bad suits by infusing a sense of management and wealth acquisition from the purchasing of property. Such locations can then act as fronts and generate money to help the player progress up the precarious ladder of the Cosa Nostra. With a family of crime specialists in such areas as arson, extortion and even first aid at hand, it’s this quote from the press release that has us choking on our perfectly prepared pasta: “The Godfather II expands on the popular gameplay mechanics of the first game and doubles down on the series’ signature BlackHand control scheme, which now features even more visceral hand-to-hand brutality at your fingertips, introducing a new combo system, pressure tactics and executions.” All this suggests that The Godfather II is an offer we can’t refuse. Sorry.

middle_ages_crThe History Channel Great Battles of the Middle Ages

Publisher: Slitherine Software
Developer: In-house
Out: Summer 2009
Source: Press Release

The History Channel have already produced one “Great Battles of …” game, the location of the previous incarnation being the turbulent Roman Empire. That game wasn’t too well received so let’s hope that the second of the series (and first to grace consoles) bucks the trend and offers something worthwhile. Iain McNeil, Director of Slitherine, states: “For us it’s a fresh challenge to develop a game that will embrace new audiences of the next-gen consoles. It’s also an opportunity to listen to the community of thousands of players we established with THE HISTORY CHANNEL Great Battles of Rome. We are sure we will match their expectations with the release of our next title.” Focusing on the 100 Year War (a savage yet fascinating conflict) and featuring a whole new graphics engine and gameplay mechanic, we’re thinking Slitherine have listened to the critique directed at the first game and may surprise us all with this new Great Battles edition.

kingoffightersxii17_crThe King of Fighters XII

Publisher: UTV Software Communications
Developer: Ignition Entertainment Ltd
Out: April 2009 (Japan)
Source: Press Release

To celebrate its fifteenth year as a franchise, the popular 3-on-3 fighting series will drop all 2D sprites and start from scratch.  Completely drawn from hand, the sprites will also for the first time be in HD. The King of Fighters XII is a popular arcade game in Japan and across the West alike. For those who like their brawling action with more than the traditional two combatants, this one could be for you.

last_rem_crThe Last Remnant

Publisher: Square Enix
Developer: Square Enix
Out: 2009
Source: Press Release

The Last Remnant has the unfortunate accolade of being noted more as the symbol of Square Enix’s decision to throw their support behind the Xbox 360 in Japan than as a game judged on its on merits. The game’s development is peppered with surprises from its choice of engine (the Unreal variety as opposed to SE’s usual White Engine (Crystal Tools)) to its simultaneous release schedule, a decision seen as a tactic for SE to break into the lucrative US market. The reception of the 360 edition has been mixed at best with a metacritic score of 65 evident of the multiple technical and playability issues many reviewers had with the game. In fairness there have been some polarised views across the industry with scores ranging from 90 to 25; maybe it’s literally an acquired taste. But the main query here is simply: with the PS3 getting a port of The Last Remnant some time in 2009 – what’s it going to be like? We’re not sure to be honest, and despite the usual post timed exclusive bells and whistles that always seem to appear when someone is late to the party, we’re still cautious considering the core issues the game was criticised for will still be present on the PS3 (i.e. the Unreal Engine which, let’s face it, developers have not always played well with on Sony’s machine). We are officially adopting a wait and see attitude here at PS3 Attitude regarding The Last Remnant. Could it be a surprise hit for the PS3 in 2009? We wouldn’t put it past the maestros at Square Enix to take on board the 360 version’s criticism and deliver a stellar piece of RPG goodness.

outsider_crThe Outsider

Publisher: TBA
Developer: Frontier Developments
Out: 2009
Source: Press Release

Frontier’s The Outsider will attempt to rewrite the rules of game story-telling. Playing as a wrongly accused “Enemy Number One”, the spy thriller will allow the player to completely change the course of the story by his or her actions. Using proprietary software that will enable the story to adapt and twist to the player’s decisions, Frontier also promise a great looking game and accurate environs such as CIA Headquarters in Langley, Andrews Air Force Base and Newport News Naval Dockyard. The game has been in development for a long time (the original press release dates back to September of 2005) though the last information we have suggests a release date towards the end of this year.

taledesperaux_crThe Tale of Despereaux

Publisher: Brash Entertainment
Developer: Brash Entertainment
Out: March 30 2009
Source: Press Release / Gamespot

Though you’d be forgiven if you’re more familiar with the recent animated film, The Tale of Despereaux originally first saw light as the novel “The Tale of Despereaux: Being the Story of a Mouse, a Princess, Some Soup, and a Spool of Thread.” As the game of the movie promises to expand on the events of the film, we’re hoping the producers of the upcoming tie-in game brushed up on their reading to include some more of the book’s events and characters.

witcher_crThe Witcher

Publisher: Atari
Developer: CD Projekt Red Studio
Out: Q3 2009
Source: Press Release

We reported on the Witcher not that long ago when CD Projekt revealed that the console version is actually looking better than the already released PC incarnation. The Witcher is based on Andrzej Sapkowski series of books entailing the eponymous Geralt who has had his body altered from an early age for the purpose of monster hunting. The game has garnered a cult following since its release on the PC and is eagerly awaited here at PS3 Attitude for its impressive visuals and deep back-story.


Publisher: Interactive Media Consulting
Developer: Metropolis Software
Out: 2009
Source: Press Release

Details about They are somewhat scattered and secretive. Something we should probably have expected from an FPS that is being described as more like a mystery novel. Set in the near future (2012) and in locations that are easily identifiable (London) the game allows players to customise their one single weapon to suit their situation as they fight against the mysterious “They”. Part sci-fi, part investigative plot-driven adventure with elements of Heroes and Lost thrown in, consider us completely intrigued. If not a little stumped.

thisisvegas_crThis is Vegas

Publisher: Midway Games
Developer: Surreal Software
Out: 2009
Source: Press Release

This is Vegas is described as “an open world, lifestyle action experience, where players will live out their Vegas fantasies by fighting, gambling, driving and partying their way through the most decadent, fast-paced and wildest city in the world.” We couldn’t put it better ourselves.

endallwarsTo End All Wars

Publisher: Ghostlight
Developer: Kuju
Out: Q2 2009
Source: Press Release

Tired of WWII shooters? Well, why not take a trip down memory lane to the days of mustard gas and railway guns with the Great War? Not content with being another World War (any World War) shooter, Kuju have assured us that they are putting “the authenticity of the conflict […] at the heart of the project.” What we’ve seen so far has been somewhat less than impressive but considering there hasn’t been much recently by means of information from Ghostlight regarding the game we’re hoping it has come on leaps and bounds since we’ve last seen it.

tom_clancy_hawx_crTom Clancy’s HAWX

Publisher: Ubisoft
Developer: Ubisoft Romania
Out: Q1 2009
Source: Press Release

We just posted a handy FAQ about H.A.W.X so why not check that out to find out more about this flight sim / arcade air combat offering.

tonyhawk_crTony Hawk’s Pro Skater 10 [unofficial title]

Publisher: Activision
Developer: Robomodo (TBC)
Out: Q3 2009
Source: Kotaku

Here’s what we know. The Skate games have caused Mr. Hawk to perform something of a “face-plant to dial 911 quick” move and call into question the 900° rotating super-skater’s dominance in the skate-boarding gaming market. Not content to rest on their laurels, Activision have shaken things up a little with the announcement that the next Tony Hawk title will most likely utilise its own peripheral device (think Wii Fit but with less ass) and a letter to Neversoft telling them to focus on Guitar Hero. Who will take up the varilfex and continue onwards in skating anarchy? It looks like new boy Robomodo will have a stab at the franchise but keep an eye on our news page for confirmation.

Publisher: Nobilis
Developer: Frozenbyte
Out: Q2 2009
Source: Press Release / Definition from Wikipedia

In astrology, a trine is “an astrological aspect formed when a planet, point, or other celestial body is 120 degrees away from another planet, point or celestial body”. It also happens to a PSN title we are extremely looking forward to. With LittleBigPlanet extolling the virtues of having groovy physics at the forefront of your game, it’s nice to see other physics based titles joining the fray. Using the laws of nature, players will have to fend off the undead with different characters’ abilities – each one physics based – with the goal of solving puzzles. All this takes place in a fantasy setting by the way. So, let’s check what we have here. Fantasy, physics, puzzles, the undead. Day one buy for us folks.

trivial_crTrivial Pursuit

Publisher: EA
Developer: EA
Out: March 2009
Source: Press Release
Think you’re smart? Prove it. The game might have been dumbed down over the years to be more accessible to those who don’t know the moon is bigger than an elephant ($100 question answered incorrectly on ‘Who Wants to be a Millionaire’) but there’s something about going head-to-head with your peers and proving who shouldn’t be let near the steak knives for fear of picking one up at the wrong end that will always appeal. EA will release the virtual version of the game in March and we know little more than the fact that it’s not a PSN title (we mention this because we were pretty sure it would be) but a fully-fledged Blu-ray release. We’re assuming there will be a multi-player element for those savants who just so happen to inhabit a house with fellow savants who unfortunately happen to be more of the “idiot” variety. Oh, and there will be wedges. Can’t forget the wedges.

twisted_metal_crTwisted Metal

Publisher: SCE
Developer: Eat Sleep Play
Out: 2009
Source: David Jaffe blog / Wired

When David Jaffe left SCE Santa Monica studios there were two main questions. Is God of War III doomed? And what the hell is the outspoken director going to do next? Well, considering David’s own hyperbolic comments about what he’s already seen of Kratos’ next (if you missed it he basically said it practically had sex with his eyeballs) we’re left with the second head-scratcher. Jaffe already has been quite frank about why he left Sony, created his own studio and then went back to the Twisted Metal series. With a three-game exclusive deal with his ex-employer it just made good business sense apparently. Speaking to Wired, Jaffe stated: “It was a way to get some money in the bank, it was a way to get everybody hired, get all the equipment going, and kind of make sure that we could get a game out within this year sort of as a test.” Did we mention David was outspoken? David goes on to talk about how much the premise opened up for them now with the new technology available and that this is not just a shameless money spinning venture. We’re big Twisted Metal fans (and David Jaffe fans for that matter) here at PS3 Attitude so we’re looking forward to getting our hands on a high-def Sweet Tooth this year.

two-worlds_crTwo Worlds: The Temptation

Publisher: SoutPeek Interactive
Developer: TopWear
Out: Q4 2009
Source: PS3Vault / IGN

An RPG developed by TopWear, Two Worlds will see a console manifestation in the guise of “The Temptation” Basically the game that graced the PC last year with some more content, it will also tie up some open questions from the vanilla version. A PS3 version has been promised (but unconfirmed so watch this space) so we’re keeping a watchful eye out. What are these Two Worlds they speak of? Well, mankind and orcs apparently. Now you know.

ufc_crUFC 2009 Undisputed

Publisher: THQ
Developer: Yuke’s Osaka
Out:  Q1 2009
Source: Press Release

Arm-bar. Triangle choke. Kimura. If these words are getting you salivating then you’re obviously looking forward to THQ’s upcoming UF2 2009 Undisputed game. The graphics look great with real life superstars of the mixed-martial arts sport scanned and mo-capped to an inch of their lives. The action also looks pleasantly brutal. If fighting games are your bag and you’re maybe tired of hadokens or Iron Fists maybe this is something you should be looking into.

uncharted2_crUncharted 2: Among Thieves

Publisher: SCE
Developer: Naughty Dog
Out: Q4 2009
Source: Press Release

Uncharted is not one of the best games of 2008 (though technically released in 2007). It’s one of the best games. Period. Not because it’s graphically awesome (it is) or because the story is better than most tripe well-established movie producers are serving up. Uncharted is a stellar title because it shows just what is possible within this medium we love so much. With the introduction of Nathan Drake, the PS3 (and gaming in general) has received a new icon. Sure, he won’t grace lunch-boxes or kids’ bed-spreads but, for us slightly older gamers, the wry witted and everyman adventurer harks back to the heroes we remember from our childhood. We love Drake, and when the recent teaser for Among Thieves surfaced recently we admit that we got shivers. Naughty Dog struck gold with the original game but then teased that there was more under the PS3’s hood they were eager to harness. The second coming of Drake sees some of that extra power with even greater graphical fidelity, smoother animations, the stealth element but, most impressive of all, more great story-telling that makes the games so appealing. Shunning family ties as his motive, unlike the first time out (we think), Drake follows the path of Marco Polo to Tibet and beyond in search of the fabled Cintamani Stone in the equally mythical city of Shambala. If we could time travel to Q4 2009 – we would.

unchartedwaters_crUncharted Waters Online (Daikoukai Jidai Online)

Publisher: Koei
Developer: Koei
Out: Q4 2009
Source: Siliconera

Uncharted Waters Online has been out in Japan for some time now on PC and enjoyed by many who get their kicks from maritime themed MMOs. With a Japanese port to the PS3 planned some time for 2009 it automatically makes our list. Will those of us from the West be galavanting around the world and interacting with the likes of the powerful and authoritarian Habsburgs of Spain? Probably not in English to be honest.


Publisher: Gameloft
Developer: Gameloft
Out: 2009
Source: Press Release

Popular card game will see a release on the PSN this year. Yes, this is the shortest entry in the list.

wardevil_crWarDevil: Unleash the Beast Within

Publisher: Ignition
Developer: In-house
Out: 2009
Source: Press Release

Despite questionable claims as being vaporware, Wardevil is still apparently on track for a release sometime in 2009. Developed by Digi-guys, all we’ve really seen so far have been some pre-rendered sequences that, although impressive, really don’t give us enough to get all excited about the game. Yet. One of the most interesting elements of the game’s production is that of the engine involved. Digi-guys’s proprietary Real Time Engine (RTE1080) claims to output at 1920×1080 HD and run at 60 FPS. This suggests the game is nearly on par with FMV sequences. Such unsubstantiated claims as this haven’t helped some people’s insistence that the game is nothing than smoke and mirrors. We’re officially very interested in the game, and as soon as we hear more about it, you will be too.

watchmen_crWatchmen: The End is Nigh

Publisher: Warner Bros.
Developer: Deadline Games
Out: March 2009
Source: Press Release

Considered official canon, Watchmen: The End is Nigh takes place before the events depicted in Alan Moore’s universally adored Watchmen book. The graphic novel (soon to be adapted by 300’s Zack Snyder which we’re pretty sure is the drive behind the game’s development) is dark, violent, strange and utterly brilliant. The game will be released episodically with, so far, only Rorschach and Nite Owl (the second one) being playable characters. The visuals look appropriately slick and noir-ish with each segment of the game conjoined by animated panels suggestive of the inspirational comic book. As massive Watchmen fans we are hoping they don’t screw this up and are hopeful that this one’s going to be good.


Publisher: Sierra Entertainment
Developer: A2M
Out: March 2009
Source: Press Release

WET is another one of those games that seems to be hanging around the peripheral just waiting the right opportunity to blow the minds of the willing. Featuring the beautiful, acrobatic and deadly mercenary Rubi, the press release succinctly describes the plot of the game with: “When [Rubi] agrees to help a wealthy man find and bring back his wayward son, all hell breaks loose and the tables are turned, as the man who hired her isn’t who he appeared to be. Now Rubi’s on the run, needing to find the man who left her for dead and leaving a massive body count in her wake.” The graphics appear luscious and the protagonist is a familiar though intriguing concept (think Faith meets Nariko meets Lara). We’re a sucker for high-flying acrobatics married with sword-play and gun battles so WET ticks literally every box that’s put in front of us.


Publisher: Midway
Developer: Midway Studios Newcastle / Tigon Studios
Out: February 16th 2009
Source: Press Release
Following in the footsteps of Bruce Willis (Apocalypse) and Chow Yun Fat (Stranglehold), Vin Diesel stars in his own “not linked to any other medium” (yet) video-game “Wheelman”. Written by Ray Wilkes, the writer of another Diesel vehicle “XXX”, the game promises high adrenaline action adventure and just in case you were wondering: of course there’s a movie coming. Vin plays an “expert wheelman who comes out of retirement to protect a woman from his past.” Can the gravel voiced action hero pull off his own game? Will the movie be any good considering how poor his recent offerings have been? We’ll leave the decision up to you.

wkc_crWhite Knight Chronicles (Shirokishi Monogatari)

Publisher: SCE
Developer: Level 5
Out: 2009
Source: Press Release

Strange to think that the most eagerly awaiting RPG of 2008 in Japan was not from Square Enix but a title developed by Level 5; a studio best known (and loved) for the Dark Cloud games. When Shirokishi Monogatari hit on December 26th it literally flew off the shelves while helping the PS3 shift 110,000 hardware units in two weeks. That’s about 15,000 more than MGS4 folks. The game received a luke-warm reception from eminent Japanese gaming magazine Famitsu (scoring 29/40) but we still want it. The English version is assured to be with us in 2009.


Publisher: Schanz
Developer: Revistronic
Out: 2009
Source: Press Release

“Where the Dark Arts reign… you can still rise up… and fight.” Note to all PR people. THAT is how to open a press release. Witches, a third-person adventure with a focus on cooperative play, sees the player control a team of Witches described as: “sultry warriors that still resist the dark will of the Evil Lord and his horde of awful creatures.” It’s been some time since we heard anything from Revistronic on how the game is progressing but we’re hopeful Witches will surface some time this year.


Publisher: Activision
Developer: id Software
Out: 2009
Source: Press Release

An instantly recognisable IP, Wolfenstein holds a special place in many gamers’ hearts as it was probably the first game most (older) people played that allowed them to kill Nazis in the first person perspective. After a host of variations over the years including an enjoyable Return to Castle Wolfenstein, new studio Endrant will work with Raven Software on id’s popular occult themed shooter. Ben Smedstad, creative director & co-owner at Endrant Studios Ltd., claims: “Our goal is to make exciting, fun and accessible games that translate to the masses.” Sounds good to us. Endrant will focus mainly on the multi-player aspect of the game.

worldinconflict_crWorld in Conflict: Soviet Assault

Publisher: Ubisoft (TBC)
Developer: Massive Entertainment
Out: 2009 (maybe)
Source: Press Release

Another victim to the reshuffling when Activision and Blizzard merged last year, we’re stuff hopeful that the console version of the popular World in Conflict PC series still happens this year. Now that Massive is securely under the wing of Ubisoft, and with the PC game confirmed for March 2009, fingers are crossed that the PS3 version will follow suit. An RTS similar in style and theme to EndWar (it even has voice recognition commands) the game invesigates the other side of the coin as players get the chance to command the might of the Soviet Union; the opponent in the original 2007 game.

wsc-snookerWSC Real 08: World Snooker Championship

Publisher: Koch
Developer: Blade Interactive
Out: 2009
Source: Press Release

Blade Interactive present an updated version of their snooker-sim game with WSC Real 08: World Snooker Championship. Advancements made since the last version include granting players the ability to pot in first person mode, examine any ball they wish, walk around the table (for whatever reason they wish – posturing we assume) and even monitor their opponent’s body language.

wweWWE Legends of WrestleMania

Publisher: THQ
Developer: YUKE’s Future Media Creators
Out: March 17th 2009
Source: Press Release

We know it’s fake and over the top but we can’t help screaming “GET THE TABLE!” just like everyone else. To coincide with Wreslemania 25 (and hence its 25th anniversary) this March, THQ will release WWE Legends of WrestleMania. Harking back to the golden age of 80s and 90s smackdown, the game will recreate an historically accurate representation of WWF(E)’s telecasts from previous decades. New combos, new grappling system, the ability to control those annoying managers. If all this sounds like gaming heaven to you then you only have a couple of months to wait.


Publisher: SouthPeak Interactive
Developer: Gaijin Entertainment
Out: February 10th 2009
Source: Press Release

Billed as a “hack and slash action title”, X-Blades will feature a heady dose of anime inspired visuals and cinematic flair in its attempt to inject something new in the traditional genre of running around and basically beating everyone up. Melanie Mroz, CEO of SouthPeak Games states: “The unique anime-style backdrop combined with high-octane, multi-discipline combat gameplay really pushes X-Blades into brand new territory. The 3rd-person ‘hack-em-up’ genre needs a fresh perspective and X-Blades is poised to deliver it.” The recent screens released show a polished and different take on the popular genre so we’re looking forward to February to try it out for ourselves.

xmen-wolverine_crX-Men Origins – Wolverine

Publisher: Activision
Developer: Raven Software
Out: May 1st 2009
Source: Press Release

Despite being a “dreaded” movie tie-in, we’re actually quite looking forward to X-Men Origins – Wolverine. The producers appear to have an indepth grasp of what makes the character tick and promise to deliver an adamantium fortified mutant who has no problem using his trademark claws to literally cut people to shreds. This could be the visceral and bloodsoaked Wolverine title we’ve been waiting for all these years.

yak_crYakuza 3

Publisher: SEGA
Developer: Amusement Vision
Out: February 26th 2009 (Japan)
Source: 1UP

Yakuza 3 returns to the modern day era (RyÅ« ga Gotoku Kenzan, which can be viewed as Yakuza 2.5, rewound the clock a couple hundred years) with Japanese bad-ass extraordinaire Kazuma Kiryu back to cause more havoc on Japan. But not Tokyo this time. Shunning the bright lights of Shinjuku, Yakuza 3 sees Kazuma-san jet off to the tropical climes of Okinawa and the fictional Kakuro-cho. We’re not sure if Yakuza 3 will see a European release this year but we’re hopeful. With Mafia II and The Godfather II already planned over the next twelve months  it would make the perfect organised crime hat-trick.