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Home to get User Content clothing with PS3 Dress ?

Submitted by on Thursday, 15 January 20098 Comments

ps3dressDespite recent additions such as the opening of the Diesel store helping to promote a semblance of diversity in the Home population, you may have noticed that there is still a distinct totalitarian conformity amongst the fashion ignorant Home population.

It’s no surprise really, considering there is still a host of “virtual clothing” non-supporters out there whose avatars are still running around in the same default duds made available when Home launched last month.

Could this all soon change with the advent of new application from Sony? Tom Ford and friends should check after the jump for some en vogue inspiration.

There’s a definite faction of people who just don’t like the idea of paying real money for clothes they can’t physically wear.  That said, it could also be the phenomenon of haughty fashionistas or new-age hipsters who simply wouldn’t be seen dead in branded clothing. No sir, if you only wear clothes that you have made yourself in the real world then, gosh darn-it, your avatar will only wear clothes that you made in Home.

Well, Home Citizen #12,987, you’re in luck. Reported over at Kotaku, Sony have today introduced Dress, a handy fashion creation tool for budding designers which suggests some serious implications for the Home community. Dress is a downloadable (not free we should add) application for Japanese PSNers that enables them to create their own distinctive fashion designs for their avatars. A Japanese application wouldn’t be a Japanese application without some mini-games of course, so expect a few quirky challenges to unlock new stencils and Sony branded assets. Always wanted a Last Guy print on your avatar’s tee? Now you can. Well, when they figure out how to integrate Dress and Home anyway.

Whether Dress will come to other regions is yet to be seen, but we can’t help feel that Home’s larger business plan must include such advances in user created content applications. It makes perfect sense for Sony to integrate Dress with Home and allow people to create their own apparel and, possibly, even enable other users to purchase said wares.

There is the question of moderation (no phallic symbol sporting t-shirts please) and copyright (the prospect of a known designer displaying a new range of clothes only for them to be immediately mocked up in Dress and then seen everywhere around Home is a real possibility) but we’re optimistic that Sony can overcome these inherent licencing hurdles and have Dress created content permeate the Home world over the next few months.

At least then I can stop walking up to people and asking them why they’re wearing my favourite sweater. It’s getting embarrassing at this stage.

What do you think about this new advancement in user created content? Interested? Non-plussed? Already got your mother’s dress-chalk and pins out dreaming up your first virtual design? Let us know in the comments.