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Killzone 2 – PlayStation Official Magazine UK gives it a 9

Submitted by DolphGB on Wednesday, 14 January 200911 Comments

Welcome to PS3 Attitude. Did you know we do all this for charity?

Killzone 2Killzone 2 is one of those titles that is making us all very excited.

Whilst you’ll have to wait for PS3 Attitude’s review and hands-on impressions, PlayStation Official Magazine UK have weighed in with their review, and it doesn’t disappoint.

Scoring an impressive 9 out of 10 and gaining their coveted Gold Award, the headline says it all – ‘Sony’s flagship shooter pwns all’. Indeed, in the ‘info box’ they say the game is like ‘Call of Duty set in double-gravity space, directed by Ridley Scott and rendered by God’.

POM UK’s review includes the five ’showstopping’ moments, details on some of the Helghast hordes, the cast list and enough new screenshots to make you go ‘wow’. Sure, the game doesn’t get a full 10 out of 10, but they make several mentions of the incredible graphics and the accomplished, ‘meaty’ gameplay.

You can read the full review in this month’s magazine, which hit subscribers’ doorsteps today and should be arriving on a retail shelf near you soon.

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  • Brodiesan says:

    I want to know why it didn’t get the 10.


    (Seriously, any explanation? Because of the lack of co-op?)

    • LCaruana says:

      That’s the only thing I can think of. (I have mixed feelings on whether or not that should be held against a game)

    • DolphGB says:

      They had some valid reasons, including the difficulty which spikes up way too high towards the end…

      But overall, it is a really positive review.

      • Brodiesan says:

        The difficulty? Unless it’s completely unfair and makes the experience exceptionally nasty from the constant re-playing then I don’t see why hard games are seen as a negative.

        Games, for the most part, are far too easy these days.

        • Axe99 says:

          Indeed, some games are rated higher because of the difficulty, while some games are rated lower when they’re too hard! But I disagree about games being far too easy these days – I find that ‘normal’ tends to be fairly comfortable, but that ‘easy’ often isn’t easy enough for newcomers to gaming to be able to enjoy (which I think is actually a huge drag on more people getting into gaming). I think it’s also important, though, to have a good, meaty, hard difficulty setting. But I think veteran mode on CoD anything, the hardest mode on R2, the Play trophy on LBP, the higher tournament ranks of Motorstorm:PR, and hardest setting on Uncharted all provide more than adequate challenges to seasoned gamers.

          I don’t think it should be too hard for newcomers to finish a game (after all, when people buy a game, they’re paying to have fun, and it’s only a relatively small subset of hardcore gamers that get into that nigh sado-masochistic 30 attempts to nail an area before they get through it gameplay – most folk get frustrated after the die two or three times – on a side-note, the believability of any underlying game story gets a bit stretched if it takes 20-odd attempts to pass each stage – of course, this only applies to story-based games – but I digress…) and I know through personal experience that there are plenty of people who would like to get into gaming but have tried it and found it too challenging and settled for another hobby instead.

          It’s important not to forget the gaming skills we’ve all developed over the years (I’ve been playing since the Megadrive – and for the record Sonic the Hedgehog and it’s sequel (my favourite ‘classics’) weren’t actually that tough – they were just damn good fun) and that newcomers to gaming haven’t had 5/10/15 years of experience playing racing games/FPS/platformers/whatever. By making games overly difficult, we’re effectively saying “if you’re not already a gamer, and have been for years, get stuffed” – and our industry suffers as a result – don’t forget all the stats out there on how many people don’t finish games – and if you don’t believe them, do some trophy comparisons with people on your friends lists and I’ll bet there are plenty of uncompleted games out there (unless you’re picky with your friends of course ;) ). And if people (and in many cases seasoned gamers) aren’t actually finished their $100 (Australian) games that took 100 people two years to put together, is that necessarily the best way of doing things? I do think it’s absolutely essential to have the harder difficulty settings (anyone who has the CoD or R2 Platinums, for instance, should be held with appropriate reverence), but not at the expense of allowing other people and newcomers to have fun.

          • Brodiesan says:

            All good points. I think we also have to take into account the fact that, as younglings, we probably had shorter attention spans and less time to actually play games so the challenges we undertook back then appeared insurmountable.

            These days we’re better gamers, have more time and the ritalin is a godsend.

            I still think that older games were naturally “harder” but perhaps the gap between them and the games we play today isn’t as wide as I originally thought. :)

  • Usiel says:

    That is correct regarding hard games… we need to recover the good old days of NES and SNES where it was damn hard to beat a game in their only difficulty!

    But use for example R2 I am playing on hard and I have replay at least 35 times the checkpoint of storming the house in Louisiana and I can not get to the boss after clearing it! I just don’t want to switch to normal.

    But if a game goes from a X difficulty and grows to a harder one it is ok and fine with me. Horde mode in GOW2 is just like that!

    I can not wait for my amazon pre-order to be sent to me :)

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  • Jedidiah-Rose says:

    NES…SNES? I hate Nintendo.25 years ago gaming needed them,now,they are an embarassment as far as I see.

    Killzone 2 had a 5/5 in official US Playstation mag,9/10 is dammed respectable,I would not sight dificulty or lack of co-op as a reason to demote a game,but we’re talking about one point here,the game is near perfect,and after exclusives like MGS4 and Little Big Planet,there is more review pressure on PS3 exclusives I should imagine.

    • Brodiesan says:

      Anyone else noticing the trend of Jedidiah-Rose pretty much hating everything non-Sony?! ;)

      Not that we’re complaining J-Rose, we like it when people wear their console allegiances on their sleeves.

      I recently moved my old Xbox into my “Console Graveyard” (along with my PSone, Dreamcast, PS2 etc.) and I have to admit I had a wry chuckle when I closed the door on what I still believe was a very good console.

      I believe the phrase I used was “The enemy has been routed from the motherland, m’lord.”

      There is some merit and comedy in fanboyism. As long as you don’t take it too seriously of course.

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