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Killzone 2 Pre-order Bonuses…Decisions, Decisions…

Submitted by on Tuesday, 6 January 20098 Comments

killzone-2-box-artOnce again online and brick and mortar retailers are luring some more pre-order bait to get those dollars flowing out of your wallets and into theirs.  Call it one of the few positive by-products of this current credit crunch.

There are currently three retailers enticing you with free bonuses for buying possible game of the year contender and all around Sony AAA blockbuster Killzone 2.  Thanks to the popularity of Sony services like Home, Qore’s early demo access and perhaps the success of premium themes (really!?) we have a nice variety of pre-order bonuses available in North America.

Get in the zone, Killzone.  No I will not apologize for that horrible pun; it’s late at night or early in the morning depending where you are reading from and I don’t really care.  In fact I challenge you to write a worse pun in the comments.  In fact I dare ya, I double dare ya.

Setting aside the rants of a sleep deprived PS3 blogger, read on to see all the North American pre-order bonuses available so far.

Best Buy Exclusive: Killzone 2 XMB Themekillzone-2-best-buy-exclusive

So this is Best Buys ‘best’ hand in the pre-order bonus game?  I can see this as a positive only if you have no physical or online access to the other two retailers…  But then you would still need an internet connection and a PSN account to download your exclusive Killzone 2 theme.  Hmm, maybe there are people out there who don’t want an early taste of the game they bought or even show off their allegiance in cool Home costumes.  Man, you really must like themes…

GameStop Exclusive: Killzone 2 Demokillzone-2-gamestop-exclusive

This one almost escaped our patented PS3A pre-order bonus radar 3000, we call it PS3APOBR3000 for short.  And by ‘we‘ I may mean ‘just me‘.  Read more about it here.

Although some thunder may have been stolen from GameStop’s pre-order bonus when SCEA revealed that the demo will hit the masses after the game’s release making it exclusive only until then.

Will the demo appear on the PlayStation Network the same day or week Killzone 2 debuts?  I doubt it.  But how soon after that?  I think it would be in Sony’s best interest to get the Killzone 2 demo in as many PS3s as possible as soon as possible to generate more sales.  That is if the game is actually as good as we all think it will be.

Amazon Exclusive: PlayStation Home CostumesKillzone 2 Amazon Exclusive

This one is the best of the bunch in my opinion, the Killzone 2 demo will lose its exclusivity after the game launches and many cool Killzone 2 themes are surely to pop up in popular theme sites like PS3 Themes.  Hell, maybe they are already there and if they are not, I hear our friends are currently burning the midnight oil to catch up with all the themes sent for approval during the Christmas break.

Retailers, publishers and developers have been rabidly trying to cut down on piracy, rentals, pre-owned game buys and the like.  Apparently pre-order bonuses are the latest weapon in the war and Killzone 2 is spearheading the battle with a nice variety of choices thanks to the fact that all PS3 owners get free access to the PlayStation Network to redeem downloadable goodies.

Leave us a comment with suggestions for clever pre-order bonuses and don’t forget my challenge, unless of course you are a chicken.

[Thanks Andy]