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Kojima-san is working on 4 games; worried about Japan.

Submitted by on Wednesday, 14 January 20092 Comments

246444-hideo_kojimaMetal Gear Solid luminary Kideo Kojima has spoken out about the current state of the Japanese gaming industry while revealing he is currently actively working on four games; one that will attempt to utilise the Western approach to “rule-less” gaming in order to crack the lucrative English-speaking market.

In the interview with Famitsu (and reported on Kojima-san somewhat chastises his fellow Japanese designers for not embracing the HD movement and continuing to approach game design from the same perspective of its origins, that of rule based card games.

Check after the break for some frank comments from the wunderkind on his opinions regarding the future of Japanese games, how Western designers are emulating the best of what Japan produces while managing to take things further and make a success out of it and, of course, how big his contribution to this market will be.

Kojima-san feels the recent sea-change in the gaming industry with the advent of high-definition really hasn’t caught on his native country. He claims:

With hi-def, the more real it gets, the less instruction you need to give, so preoccupying yourself with making rules seems silly. Western developers have realized this, but Japanese ones are still preoccupied with making these rules.

What he is seeing are others from outside of Japan taking the well documented production virtues of the Japanese industry and adapting them to the Western market and making large amounts of money on the projects. And he’s not too much of an advocate for this practice. He says:

The scariest scenario I see is people overseas taking the ideas from Japanese games, running the Hollywood business merchandising machine on them, and taking all the revenue. If that happens, then there won’t be any new Japanese creators.

Finally, and probably most interesting to a lot of people, Kojima-san reveals that, not only is he working on the two games we’ve already discussed here in the past on PS3 Attitude, or the iPhone MGS Touch game that was announced recently, but he is actually working on another game making a grand total of four.

There is a title I’m designing that I think we’ll be able to announce relatively soon, and there’s also a rather challenging project I’m working on to compete against the overseas industry. So as far as unannounced projects, I’ve started work on one and three others are in progress.

What games would you like to see from the Japanese creative genius? A Snatcher sequel? Another Zone of the Enders? Or just more Metal Gear please! Let us know in the comments.