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Lara Croft to get an extreme makeover?

Submitted by on Sunday, 11 January 20093 Comments

tomb-raider-underworld-lara-bending1It seems that Tomb Raider: Underworld’s poor sales (1.5 million copies; and counting), may have led Eidos to make some decisions about the future of the Tomb Raider franchise.

Robert Brent, the chief financial officer of Eidos, told TimesOnline:

“We need to look at everything, as we develop the next game. Look at how Batman changed successfully, from the rather sad character of the Michael Keaton era to the noir style of The Dark Knight.”

1.5 million copies isn’t a bad number, but given the fact that Tomb Raider: Legend sold a little bit more than 3 million, Eidos is worried. Is Lara’s starlight fading?

No. Lara is not the problem; it’s the game itself. How does someone expect to sell 2 million copies – that was Eidos’ goal – when you release a game more or less identical to the last two ones, with the only difference being the HD presentation and the improved visuals?

Some blame the economy for Underworld’s not good enough sales. Yes, maybe the economic crisis did play its role in all these, but it’s not the one to blame. Eidos – and more specifically Crystal Dynamics – must sit down and create a Tomb Raider game worthy of its past. When that happens, the sales will come. Until then, Underworld will be a good game that lacks originality.

So, is the next Tomb Raider game going to be full of new features or will it continue the trend of “recycled” products, that people have a tendency to buy (NFS: Undercover)? Tell us what you think in the comments section.