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More good SF4 news

Submitted by on Thursday, 15 January 2009No Comment

capcom_street_fighter_4thumbnailOn the back of our recent Street Fighter 4 info-splurge, we figured you people out there would like some extra news we came across today. Not only are we being treated to those natty controllers and things, we also have news on the actual game itself.

Click to find out the details…Now you’re here, don’t get comfy.

The news we have is that you will be flying through the final version of the game at speedy-quick speeds. Sources from CES have reported that SF4 is showing the same super-fast load times as the XBox 360 version. The two versions of the game were running side by side and were apparently no different in terms of both visual quality and loading times.

CAPCOM seem to be really pulling out all the stops to make sure that this game is the new standard for beat-em-ups.

Maybe we’re being overly enthusiastic…

What are your thoughts?