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North American PS Store Update – January 15th (Fearless Balls Edition)

Submitted by on Friday, 16 January 20094 Comments

psn us North American PS Store Update   January 15th (Fearless Balls Edition)

If you are afraid of balls, this update is not for you.  However, if you love balls you may be on the wrong site.

Still here?  Good.  F.E.A.R. 2 demo hits Qore subscribers and Magic Ball hits us all (hopefully not in the…well, you know).  We also play catch up with Rock Band’s massive update, 12 songs in all!

Just so we all know the PSN is alive, we get to check out its PULSE (for free no less!).  In case you don’t know, PULSE is a fast-paced new source to keep you connected and informed about the world of PlayStation!  Wicked cool.  Read on for the full update and can please someone tell me what the hell is up with those Shawn White Target packs?.

Downloadable Games

  • Magic Ball ($9.99)
  • GTI Club+ ($9.99)

Game Demos (free)

  • Skate 2 Demo
  • GTI Club+ Demo

Add-on Game Content

  • Brain Challenge Expansion Pack ($4.99)
  • Disgaea 3 Makai Kingdom Main Character Package ($3.99)
  • Disgaea 3 Pram ($1.99)
  • Disgaea 3 Zetta ($1.99)
  • Shaun White Snowboarding Mile High Pack – Target Edition ($9.99)
  • Shaun White Snowboarding Mile High Pack – Regular Edition ($9.99)
  • Shaun White Snowboarding The Freebie Pack – Target Edition (free)
  • Shaun White Snowboarding The Freebie Pack – Regular Edition (free)

Rock Band

  • “You Got It” – Roy Orbison ($1.99)
  • “Ooby Dooby” – Roy Orbison ($1.99)
  • “Oh, Pretty Woman” – Roy Orbison ($1.99)
  • “Mean Woman Blues” – Roy Orbison ($1.99)
  • “In Dreams” – Roy Orbison ($1.99)
  • “Claudette” -Roy Orbison ($1.99)
  • Roy Orbison Pack 01 ($9.99)
  • “Mr. Cab Driver” – Lenny Kravitz ($1.99)
  • “Let Love Rule” – Lenny Kravitz ($1.99)
  • “Freedom Train” – Lenny Kravitz ($1.99)
  • “Are You Gonna Go My Way” – Lenny Kravitz ($1.99)
  • Lenny Kravitz Pack 01 ($6.99)
  • “Megasus” – Megasus ($0.99)
  • “Entangled” -Honest Bob and the Factory-to-Dealer Incentives ($0.99)

Guitar Hero World Tour

  • “Hillbilly Deluxe” by Brooks & Dunn ($1.99)
  • “Me and My Gang” by Rascal Flatts ($1.99)
  • “Ticks” by Brad Paisley ($1.99)
  • Country Track Pack ($5.49)
  • “Low (Travis Barker Remix)” by Flo Rida (Feat. T-Pain) ($1.99)
  • “Lycanthrope” by +44 ($1.99)
  • “What’s My Age Again” by Blink 182 ($1.99)
  • Travis Barker Track Pack ($5.49)

Game Videos (free)

  • PULSE 01/15 Edition (also available from the PSP store)
  • Mahjong Tales Trailer
  • Tekken 6 PSN Announcement Trailer January 2009
  • Magic Ball Trailer
  • Mafia II: Holiday Confession
  • FIFA09 – PSN Exclusive: Inside FIWC 2009
  • Cuboid Trailer
  • BUZZ! Quiz TV Trailer
  • PlayStation Network “Movie Download Machine” TV Spot

Movie and Blu-ray Disc Trailers (free)

  • Why I Love Monty Python
  • Pineapple Express Blu-ray Trailer
  • The Wackness Blu-ray Trailer
  • The House Bunny Blu-ray Trailer

PS3 Themes

  • Disgaea 3 Pram Theme (free)
  • Savage Moon Theme ($0.99)

PS3 Wallpaper (free)

  • Pineapple Express Wallpaper
  • Tom Clancy’s EndWar Wallpaper (x4)
  • Savage Moon Wallpaper (x2)