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New games announced: Call of Juarez prequel and AionGuard

Submitted by on Wednesday, 14 January 2009No Comment

juarez And that makes 184! Yes folks, two new games have been announced for the PS3 thus making our Games of 2009 feature somewhat antiquated already*

Find out after the jump about a new Western from Techland and a very interesting concept from Avalanche with their new AionGuard game. We’re thinking this one could be a big hit this year.

First up is Techland’s “Call of Juarez:  Bound in Blood” which will be published by Ubisoft and is a prequel to the (apparently successful) first Call of Juarez game. We have to admit ignorance here as the first one fell off our radar completely and we’re not too familiar with its virtues. Regarding its follow-up, John Parkes, Marketing Director at Ubisoft EMEA, has revealed:

“We’re confident this new collaboration with Techland will bring an even bigger and better adventure to fans of shooters and the lawless Wild West.”

The game appears to have a sprawling scope with such locales as a “ravaged Civil War-era Georgia” to the “Aztec ruins of Mexico” leading us to believe that this is more than just a “new shooter in  different set of duds” type experience.  There are promises of “an intense storyline” and the ever popular “greed, lust and lawlessness.” Works for us!

With Rockstar’s Red Dead Revolver 2 apparently in Wild West Development Hell, this could be the perfect fix for all you Clint Eastwood wannabes out there eager to don the spurs and shun the concept of washing for a few months.

The second of new titles is Swedish developer Avalanche’s AionGuard. Edge Magazine got the jump on us all and have spilled the beans on the Nordic studio’s “secret two year project” by revealing some interesting details about this “not an RPG” game.

aionguardbIn a unique blend of themes, AionGuard focuses on an elite group of soldiers tasked with clearing out certain areas from the pernicious scourge of mythical and magical creatures. Think Call of Duty meets Folklore – which is something we can honestly say we never thought we would even “think” about, nevermind express in words.

Edge reports that the in-game sequences share a Lord of the Rings aesthetic (plus!) in terms of its cinematography and Odd Ahlgren, the game’s narrative director, also makes the connection between the new game and God of War but “being much more open” (super plus!). Odd (great name!) also assures us that this is “not an RPG” and we will not be  “going to the woods and grinding” which we also think sounds like a spectacular innuendo.

The article also reveals that the AionGuard are an eclectic cadre of “WWI dogfighter pilots, Samurai and medieval knights. But instead of swords and aeroplanes they wield magic.” There is also a strong hint in the article that the army will be able to pilot dragons. So, Call of Duty + Folklore + Lair then!

* We’ve decided to keep the list up to date throughout the year with known information regarding all of 2009’s  games. Keep an eye out for a new link on the site for this handy feature.

Source: Press Release and Edge Online