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Pixel Junk Eden to get easier plus – new PJ Games in 2009

Submitted by on Friday, 2 January 2009One Comment

pjThe guys from Q-Games have taken time out of their busy schedule over in Kyoto to post on the official PS blog with some news that may have those of you out there who find Pixel Junk Eden a tad “impossible” deliriously happy.

Responding to one commenter’s chagrin regarding the difficulty of Garden 7, Dylan Cuthbert, President and Executive Producer over at Q-Games, has revealed that there will be an update next week that should help out and make things a tad easier.

Check after the jump for the details plus some news on future Pixel Junk games.

Feeling your gaming pain, Dylan has announced the following:

Around the second week or so of January there will be a patch which makes (among other things) the large crystals replenish a whole half of your oscillator meter instead of a third.

We’ll take any help we can get.

In other Q-Games news, Dylan can also be found revealing the following on his blog:

“Here’s to an amazing 2009 for gaming as I am sure it is going to be, what with two or three more Pixel Junk titles coming out.”

Considering the insane amounts of time we’ve spent on Pixel Junk Monsters of late, such news can only be greeted with equal parts joy and trepidation.

Alt source for new games: C&VG