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Prince of Persia Epilogue DLC Announced

Submitted by on Thursday, 29 January 20095 Comments

prince-of-persia-dlcPrince of Persia was probably the last great game of 2008 to be released but that doesn’t stop it from having a fantastic 2009. We knew that Ubisoft had some big plans for the Prince’s future but we had no idea they were this big. The DLC, set to hit the PSN Store on February 26, continues directly from where the original story ended.

In addition to continuing the storyline, the Epilogue pack will add a new power for Elika, an attack for the Prince, new locations and enemies, and 2 bonus skins for when you complete it. IGN interviewed Jamal Rguigui, Associate Producer for the Epilogue DLC, and here’s what he had to say…

Rguigui spoke of the new Underground Palace and how it has become overrun with corruption. To help the Prince rid the Palace of evil, Elika gains a new ability called Energize. She will be able to materialize certain areas that have been destroyed for a limited amount of time. Along with Elika, the Prince gains the ability to sprint towards an enemy and stun them with an attack.

If the good guys become more powerful it’s only fair that the baddies do too, right? Aside from enemies being faster and more aggressive, the addition of the Shapeshifter adds even more fun. Just as his name suggests, he has the power to change form, specifically into the Warrior and Hunter. Looks like our friends are in for a little reunion.

From the sound of things, the Epilogue Pack is going to bring so much more to the game. Head over to IGN for the full interview on the dialogue, visuals, and even trophies.