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PS Blog chats about Flower

Submitted by on Wednesday, 28 January 2009No Comment

FlowerWith the emergence of pricing and release information ($9.99 / February 12th) along with technical details (200,000 blades of grass animated at the same time), you can expect to see more and more Flower news blossoming over the coming days.

Chris Morell over at the PlayStation blog sat down with Jenova Chen from thatgamecompany and had a chat about the upcoming floral phenomenon.

Check after the jump for the video and some details about, not only Flower, but everybody’s favourite reclusive indie game developer, Keita Takahashi, and when we’ll be getting more Noby Noby Boy details.

Jenova (who is not Sephiroth’s mother by the way) admits that they’ve struggled to define just what type of game Flower is. He goes on to say that the title is a very different experience than your usual video-game ethos of destruction and competition. That said, competitive gamers out there will still be able to find secrets, collect trophies and unlock new areas in the game.

The video reveals that the team visited endless grass-fields and windmill farms in California and the new-age “feel-good healing experience” associated with the south-western state has definitely rubbed off in the game. Jenova explains that one of the objectives of the game was to bring this colourful and peaceful vista into your living room.

Other details include how Flower pretty much makes up a “genre of one”, that being the “relax genre” and that a soundtrack is also definitely possibly. Considering fl0w received this treatment, we’d be shocked if the music of Flower was not also released via download.

As always, the PS Blog is known for replying to readers’ comments and revealing some cool tidbits not usually announced through the traditional medium of articles and/or press releases. In one such response, Chris reveals that Mr. Stretch himself, Keita Takahashi, will be on the PS Blog soon to talk about his bizarre Noby Noby Boy creation. As Takahashi-san speaks very little english, expect a translator. And outlandishness.