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PS3 Attitude Goes Twitter

Submitted by on Friday, 9 January 200910 Comments

twitter_logo_sEver wonder what the PS3 Attitude staff are thinking during the day as we juggle life, gaming and the delivery of acerbic laced PS3 news to the masses?

Well, now you can avail of a unique insight into the Minds of Madnessâ„¢ that produce this very website by following us on Twitter.

Check after the jump for details of how you too can now stalk a web-site just like how we stalk everyone else in return for you. (Yes, Veronica, we’re watching).

Go here:  and click on “Follow”.  Grab the RSS feed while you’re at it. We’d also recommend getting a hold of the Firefox twitter plugin (there’s also a Chrome one and probably an IE one too out there – we wouldn’t know, it being developed by Microsoft and all! [joke]) which allows you to get the micro-updates straight into your browser. Consider them flashes of PS3 Attitude genius throughout your day. Or totally random nonsequiturs that will leave you scratching your head more often than actually making any cognitive sense.

You’ll notice that the Twitter feed is pretty bare at the moment but, don’t worry, it’s brand new and we promise to update it at least a few times during the day. Why follow us ? Well …

As you’ve probably seen in our What Are PS3 Attitude Reading This Week feature, we read a lot of stuff throughout the day in an effort to present to you the best of PS3 news. A lot of content gets ignored unfortunately as we’re not blogging robots who can constantly produce articles 24/7. We’ve asked Dolph to actually get a blogging robot but, so far, no dice. So, the Twitter feed will contain a lot of tidbits related to news that would never normally get reported on the actual site.

Apart from “mini-news”, expect to actually find out what we’re doing, whether it’s a game we’re playing, an interview we’re working on or the default “Arguing with Danny about Tomb Raider.” We’ll also direct you towards some cool game related sites out there that we come across and, if you’re lucky, we’ll let you know what we’re wearing.

[Thanks TSA for the idea]