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PS3 Firmware 2.60 Update Is Live

Submitted by on Wednesday, 21 January 200914 Comments

playstation-3-xmbIT’S ALIVE!!!  The media enhancing and otherwise nothing else-y update 2.60 is now live.  The update took us 15 minutes, and the photo gallery added about six more minutes to the total time we spent staring blankly at the HDTV because we have that kind of time (Note: we really don’t).  Go grab yours while they last*.

Besides the pimping out of the photo gallery and DivX update there is the pretty much useless guest PS Store browsing.  We will personally e-mail a freshly e-baked cookie to the first comment that manages to make a decent case for this new ‘feature’.  We are left wondering what other features took a back seat to this.  Perhaps we are all to blame; haven’t we all been pretty quiet after in-game XMB and Trophies were released?  I personally have been blinded by the shiny Trophies to really care until now…hmm, Trophies.

You can still watch this video to see what all the fuss is all about.  What other features do you think are missing?  What features would you like added?

*They last forever.  Until the next update goes live.  But then this update will be part of it.  So I guess it does last forever after all.