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Resi news 5 (they have to be doing this on purpose edition)

Submitted by on Monday, 19 January 20093 Comments

s204_0012-00000_bmp_jpgcopyJust a couple of days after the press release that revealed the Collector’s Editions, Capcom brought Resident Evil 5  – once again – into the limelight, by releasing a 5 minute and 40 seconds long video that was first shown on last year’s TGS.

As you may have realised from the video above, which by the way is presented in a stunning 720p resolution, more and more details about the game’s story are revealed as we get closer to the release date. Without a doubt, the content of the video can be characterised as “spoiler-friendly”.

But while many answers are answered, even more pop out when you are finished watching the aforementioned trailer. We can clearly see new environments and sets. Are they located near the tin city (aka ‘sunshine’ village)? How closely are Resident Evil Degeneration and Resident Evil 5 connected? Was Degeneration a prologue to a new post-Umbrella era?

Well, guess we’ll have to wait until the games hits shelves at 13th of March (simultaneous release in both US and Europe).

Until then, feel free to make your assumptions and state your opinion about the new plot that is unravelling in the Resi universe, using the comments section.