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Road To MLB 09: The Show

Submitted by on Wednesday, 28 January 20093 Comments

3229691590_fedbb92895More news from that game that Brodie just can’t understand.  Also known as MLB: 09 The Show.  Today is all about the ‘Road To The Show’ or RTTS for short.

For the uninitiated, in ‘Road To The Show’ you create your own player to be part of a baseball organization.  You also control that player through their entire career while earning skill points from achieving a multitude of goals such as getting hits, stealing bases, etc…  Your character starts in the lowly minor leagues and then tries to make his (no girls allowed) way up to the Major Leagues.  Very RPG like no?

Read more about the Road To The Show, create-a-player, custom soundtracks, custom cheers/jeers and then take a look at our updated gallery.  Play ball!

This year’s RTTS is full of enhancements.  Nearly every part has received new additions including the Create-a-player system.  A ton of player accessory options are available for you to make your created player stand out: wrist tape, batting gloves in pockets, glasses, eye black, baggy pants, and stirrup socks among other things.  For the first time ever you can now edit your player anytime after creation, editing his appearance, accessories and player number.  Changing the player number apparently is a big deal.

And do you remember about those cool yells you could integrate into the game?  In RTTS you can not only assign custom walkup music (Calm Like a Bomb by Rage Against the Machine), you can also have custom songs for your homerun celebration (U Can’t Touch This by MC Hammer), reliever entry music (Too Legit To Quit also by MC Hammer.  What?), and a handful of custom cheers and jeers.  This not only applies to your created player, any MLB player can get customized with the tunes, cheer and jeers of your choice.  Try jeering when cheering is appropriate and viceversa.  Amuse yourself! 

For a lot more details on these and other Road To The Show enhancements make your way to the PlayStation Blog and read all about them in detail.

Enjoy the updated gallery below.  As always the first screens are brand new, the rest not so much.