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We Hear You Got A Bug Problem – Savage Moon Out Today

Submitted by on Thursday, 29 January 20092 Comments

savage_moon_bugThis is a soldier Insectocyte.  Don’t like it?  Buy Savage Moon today and shoot the crap out of it.  Available today in the North American PlayStation Store for $9.99, this exclusive PSN game combines tower defense, strategy and action.  Throw a little rhythm mini-game and we’ll have most genres covered.

Read on to find out about the story, the shocking influences behind the style of the game and a nice little trailer to get you into that bug squashing mood.  Savage Moon is coming at you like an asteroid from Klendathu!

First, the story.  Developers FluffyLogic felt that most tower defense games were a bit abstract and wanted to give us a sense of purpose and threat.  How religious of them.

….humans have landed on an asteroid to mine valuable minerals from it, however as they burrow into the ground, the sentient rock produces its own auto-immune response, much in the same way that the human body produces white-blood cells in response to an infection. Except here, the response is in the form of massive chitinous armoured bugs! (Or Insectocytes as we call them).

While the story borrows from Death World, the style comes exclusively from Starship Troopers.  I did not see that one coming.  The team was hugely inspired by the 1997 Academy Award nominated sci-fi-action film, especially with the different types of bugs that appeared; which gave birth to the range of different creatures appearing in the game.  Speaking of creatures, the Insectocytes evolve throughout the game becoming tougher and mutating into new forms.

But with great bugs comes great firepower to defeat the bugs.  Your towers will be able to upgrade in order to keep the new and tougher bugs at bay.  You get two types of towers; attack towers and support towers.  While your attack towers are pounding away at the bugs Insectocytes, your support towers will help your attack towers in different ways.

Enjoy the video below and let us know if you plan to pick up this brand new PSN game.