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Six new trophies for Mirror’s Edge

Submitted by on Wednesday, 21 January 20094 Comments

miredmultscrnww1pchroma2.jpgWe all know that the Mirror’s Edge Pure Time Trial Pack was coming on January 29. What we didn’t know is what else we would be receiving with that pack. Six shiny new trophies will be up for grabs come the end of January. Free running enthusiasts will have to perform some fancy dance moves as well as be quick on their feet if they want to earn bragging rights.

Hit the jump for the list of what’s included… has the updated list of trophies including three bronze, two silver, and a single gold trophy. To earn them, you must accomplish the following:


  • “U-Turn” – String together: wallrun, wallrun, turn, swing, jump.
  • “Dicey Launch” – String together: slide, wallrun, wall climb, turn, jump.
  • Surreptitious Swing” – String together: springboard, wallrun, turn, swing, jump.


  • “The Twister” – String together: wallclimb, turn, swing, wallclimb, turn, swing, jump.
  • “To Explore Strange New Worlds” – Attain a Time Trial star rating of 75.


  • “Superstar” – Attain a Time Trial star rating of 90.