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Sucker Punch tell PSM: “Sly Cooper 4 is coming”

Submitted by on Sunday, 25 January 20097 Comments

sly-cooperWhat do you do after investing countless years and oodles of blood, sweat and tears into a new franchise like inFamous?

You go back to the title that everyone loves of course, cranking up the detail for a next-next-generation outing.

Check after the jump for some new information about what Sucker Punch have in the works post inFamous. That’s right folks: everyone’s favourite thieving raccoon is back.

Reported over at PSXExtreme, the guys from Sucker Punch, speaking to PSM, reveal that we should expect to see a new Sly Cooper game for the PS3 at the next E3. A PSP iteration featuring the roguish procyonide is also in the works. The studio had this to say about the upcoming games:

“The graphics have been majorly overhauled and the gameplay will be more varied and focused this time around. We’re aiming for a fully interactive 3-d world, with no loads and seamless interaction between settings and characters.”

We mention the PSP game as, apparently, both games will release simultaneously and feature a level of interactivity not seen previously between PS3 and PSP titles in the past.

Excited about the return of Sly? Let is know in the comments.