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“Some remained behind … ” – FUEL CGI trailer reveals new adversary

Submitted by on Friday, 16 January 20092 Comments

fuel-cgiCodemasters’ FUEL is billed “as the largest multi-terrain racing environment” and will be smashing on to the scene this Summer.

A new CGI trailer has now been released over, and though it doesn’t show any in-game footage, it does reveal some interesting “elements” that are sure to make the prospect of getting to the finishing line even more challenging.

Check after the break for what else is revealed in the trailer that will surely shake drivers up.

With a boundary less playing field of 14,000+ km², the game already has promised to offer up some amazing off-road hijinks as racers fight each other to the winning post. The trailer reveals however a new factor that players must contend with: the adverse effects of an alternate earth’s weather system gone terribly awry.

The CGI only trailer is pretty much purely a showcase of the game’s premise and what we can expect in a few months when it finally launches but with its gravel voiced narrator and destructive twisters landing akimbo, it also gives us a new insight into the overall theme of the game.

It appears that this is not just another off-road racer with the voice-over speaking of an earth “ravaged by  the effects of climate change brought on by decades of environmental abuse.”

If you’ve been wondering why the game has been graced with the moniker “FUEL”, read on. The website mentions the “game-with-a-green-message” exists in a world of sky-high oil prices and nomadic adrenaline junkies pitting their wits against each other in the blasted wasteland for the ultimate prize:  the titular fuel.

The game boasts a full day/night time cycle and the aforementioned adverse weather effects include tsunamis, cyclones and tornadoes across a varied host of environments such as snow-capped mountains, arid deserts and thick forests.

Looking forward to this Mad Max meetings The Day After Tomorrow race-fest? Let us know in the comments.