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This Week In Rock Band – Gratefully Dead

Submitted by on Wednesday, 28 January 20093 Comments

rock-band-11This week in Rock Band brings you all the tracks, packs or albums that you will be able to purchase for your favorite band simulator this Thursday (groupies not included but highly recommended).

The Dead are back in black with another half dozen tracks for the rocking masses.  There should be a track to your liking in this second Grateful Dead pack even if you are not a Deadhead; psychedelic rock,  reggae, back porch country (whatever that is) and straight up rock’n’roll are among your choices.  Don’t believe us?  How dare you.  Read on non-believer, read on.

Apparently the Dead didn’t always have that classic, erm…, dead sound most people know and love.  And yes, I said most people because I am not old or high enough to really appreciate the Dead’s repertoire.  Of course, I cannot speak for the rest of the PS3 Attitude team.  I’m sure if a Deadhead is in fact among us we’ll know shortly.  But enough about suspicious incense burning at the Attitude Towers, let’s focus on the music. 

gratefuldead1967’s “Cold Rain and Snow” from their self titled debut album fits our rock’n’roll category.  In the psychedelic front we have 1969’s “Doin’ That Rag” from their third studio album.  1970’s “Uncle John’s Band” is one of the best known songs the band has ever had.  Classic Dead.  1978’s “Shakedown Street” gives you that reggae flavor you didn’t know you loved.  1980’s “Don’t Ease Me In” is a traditional folk song form their 11th album (!) all rocked out Dead style.  1987’s “Hell in a Bucket” from their 12th (!!) album rounds up the list with more rock for your roll.

Without further ado, here is this week’s pack:

The Grateful Dead Track Pack 02

  • “Hell In a Bucket”
  • “Don’t Ease Me In”
  • “Cold Rain & Snow”
  • “Doin’ That Rag”
  • “Fire On the Mountain”
  • “Uncle John’s Band”

All tracks are master recordings and will cost the now standard $1.99 each or $9.99 for the pack.  Remember that all songs are compatible with Rock Band 1 & 2 software and are available through the Rock Band in-game music store and the PlayStation Store.