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The Naked View 2 1/2: Super Street Fighter II Turbo HD Remix

Submitted by on Friday, 23 January 2009One Comment


Join PS3 Attitude’s most colorful (albeit white-skinned) character as he delves little bit deeper today into all things Super Street Fighter II Turbo HD Remix from his twisted unique point of view.

I have received numerous calls demanding a cease and desist from any and all further attempts of game journalism (or anything that would pass for game journalism), but I never paid much attention to grandma anyway.  Even when she was alive.

Part 2 1/2 is upon thee.

November 24th 2008.

3:00 PM.

Still the Past.

Super Street Fighter II Turbo HD Remix is released on the PlayStation Network.

Game bloggers rejoice; they are done typing that name.

Gamers rejoice.

Game bloggers later damn it all to hell yet again when they realize that they still need to write a review about it.

Some bloggers develop carpal tunnel syndrome and must face an early retirement.

Welcome to The Naked View.

Part 2 1/2.

Episode V.

Chapter 4.

Volume Ten.

If you are new to The Naked View into Super Street Fighter II Turbo HD Remix, you may want to read part 1.  Don’t forget that Super Street Fighter II Turbo HD Remix will be referenced as “the game” from now on.  I’m done typing that title for a while.  In related news, the copy and paste buttons in my PC are out of order.

street-fighter-anniversary-collection1I have to bring into question the validity of another Street Fighter II; especially with Street Fighter IV just around the corner being heavily based on, you guessed it, Street Fighter II.  Last time we got all hyped up about yet another version of Street Fighter II in a long history of seemingly redundant versions was in 2004 with Street Fighter Anniversary Collection.  You had Hyper Street Fighter II (which lets you choose any character from Street Fighter II, Champion Edition, Hyper Fighting , Super and Super Turbo) on top of Street Fighter III: 3rd Strike – Fight for the Future and the entire Street Fighter II: The Animated Movie for only $30.00 US.  Talk about value for your dollar.

But this, my friends is the next generation of freakin’ consoles.  If we don’t have it with the words ‘HD’, ‘1080’ or ‘p’ on the title or specs, we will pretty much pawn our firstborn for a chance to buy it.  Again.  For the sixth time.  Case in point: Street Fighter II.  The world didn’t really need another Street Fighter II.  We got the definitive experience in Anniversary Collection; the game is just what Street Fighter II was supposed to look three or four versions ago.  But missed opportunities aside let’s look at we are finally getting.

It’s PS3 time, and now we get spoiled with HD graphics, a remixed soundtrack, classic and rebalanced gameplay and online play for $14.99 US.  Comparing the game with Anniversary Collection we are paying half the price for half the game sans the awesome movie plus awesome graphics and tunes.  Fair trade?  I would say so, only if Street Fighter IV wasn’t so damn close.

After the Anniversary Collection, I thought I had seen the last of Street Fighter II for a very long time.  After all, we did get all five previous Street Fighter versions in one package, what more could a Street fighter fan want?  Besides that Chun-Li shower scene, of course.  Four years without a Street Fighter II was too long according to Capcom, especially since we have been gobbling up HD remakes of classic games like hot cakes Wiis.  It’s time for lucky number six.  And it would all be fine, but the game released way too close to Street Fighter IV for my taste.  Especially since…

sfiv_-_ps3_final_pack_frontStreet Fighter IV was purposely made to resemble Street Fighter II and it feels a lot like Super Street Fighter II Turbo complete with a traditional 2D fighting plane with the traditional six-button control scheme plus the entire original traditional Street Fighter II cast.  Those Japanese are all for tradition no?  But here is my main gripe with this whole deal.  Two very similar fighting games releasing within three months from one another.  It just doesn’t sit too well with me.

I am now stuck in the middle of two games I will surely enjoy (they are the same game at their core), one with brand new HD 2d graphics (sans Trophies) and another with brand new HD 3d graphics and animations (with Trophies to boot!).  If they were different franchises there would be almost no problem, but they aren’t.  They are both Street Fighter.  They both play very similarly.  They have almost the same characters for crying out loud!

I could do two things:

  1. Bite the bullet and pay $14.99 instead of the more comfortable $10.00 on top of the insult of not giving me any Trophies, only teasing me with a patch ‘soon’.  Riiiight.  Should I try to enjoy the game for three months until the big brother comes to town or…
  2. Skip the game altogether and wait for Street Fighter IV.  It’s just three months away and the experience will be very similar if not better.

Join me tomorrow as I wrestle with the notion of buying a non-trophy game (did he really do it?) and all the implications it may bring; like reducing my Tekken 5 and Trophy whoring time.  Stay tuned for the exciting conclusion in Part 3, Episode VI, Chapter 10, Volume Two.