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Top 50 Video Game Twitter Feeds

Submitted by on Tuesday, 27 January 200912 Comments

twitter5PS3 Attitude recently joined the masses and started our own Twitter feed. So what was the most natural thing to do with our new toy? Work out the best people to follow.

Therefore, we’re proud to present our Top 50 Video Game Twitter Feeds for your delectation. We’ve broken the list into neat categories to make things easier for you, so go ahead and start following your favourites now…

Before we begin with the list, there’s one more Twitter tool we want to bring to your attention. At the end of every story on PS3 Attitude you’ll see a whole raft of ‘Share and Enjoy’ buttons. These allow you to add our stories to Digg, Mixx, N4G, Facebook and many other ‘social bookmarking’ services. You’ll see that we’ve now added a Twit This button (the lower case blue ‘t’), which allows you to spread the word via Twitter too.

Remember, every additional visitor to PS3 Attitude helps us raise more money for our charities, as every ounce of revenue we generate is given to good causes.

Enough with the talking – let’s get on to the list…


1. byronicman – Simon Byron; presenter of One Life Left
2. djaffe – Mr. David Jaffe, game development ‘God’ and baby-faced swearing machine (which is why we love him)
3. DylanJobe – Game Director at Incognito games, the man behind Warhawk
4. HarmonixSean – Community manager for Harmonix, the makers of Rock Band.
5. Veronica – Veronica Belmont, all round good egg and presenter of Qore
6. ncroal – N’Gai Croal from MTV Multiplayer
7. Yembles – Jem Alexander of Joystiq PlayStation
8. amadeoplaza – the mild-mannered publisher of Gamer 2.0
9. stephenfry – a slight stretch for a video game Twitter list, but Stephen is the voice of LittleBigPlanet and has one of the most interesting feeds in the world
10. Bruciebabe – Bruce Everiss, veteran games industry marketer
11. dmosbon – David Osbon of Construed and friend of PS3 Attitude
12. pixeljanni – Girl gamer who recently melted the ‘net by dressing like Faith from Mirror’s Edge
13. r3yguti3rr3z – Rey Gutierrez, games designer and Destructoid staff member
14. xBBx – Daniel Perez, PR and Marketing Manager at FileFront, Staffer
15. JayFrechette – Jay Frechette; San Fran Dude and 1Up staffer
16. gamingangel – Trina, the Gaming Angel; ’nuff said
17. ERK – a dedicated PS3 tweeter
18. robinyang – Robin Yang; she’s an editor at Gamedaily and likes to sing
19. KyleOrl – Kyle Orland of Crispy Gamer

Developers and Publishers

20. Criterion_Games – the team behind Burnout Paradise
21. Capcom_Unity – Capcom’s Twitter feed for their US blog
22. SegaAmerica – All the latest info on SEGA games & releases.
23. Naughty_Dog – the team behind Uncharted
24. LionheadStudios – development studio behind titles like Black & White and Fable
25. EA – err, EA, funnily enough.
26. Ubisoft – Ubisoft’s twitter feed, the people behind Prince of Persia amongst other things
27. Infinity_Ward – tweets from the team that brought us Call of Duty 4

Websites and Publications

28. PS3Attitude – you didn’t think we wouldn’t plug PS3 Attitude at least once more, did you?
29. SonyPlayStation – Official PlayStation Blog tweets
30. thesixthaxis – PS3 gaming blog and friend of the site
31. ps3fanboy – PS3 gaming blog; have just re-branded as Joystiq PlayStation
32. joystiq – Joystiq’s feed, which may now incorporate PS3 Fanboy (see above)
33. morpheon – Makers of the exclusive MGS4 PS3 mod and nice people too
34. arstechnica – Ars Technica’s official feed
35. P_TOM – the official tweets from PlayStation: The Official Magazine, officially
36. PlayStationShow – 100% dedicated to the PlayStation brand.
37. n4g – Tweets from the No. 1 gaming news aggregator
38. Dtoid – Destructoid’s official feed
39. talkplaystation – PS3 gaming blog
40. KillzoneDotCom – who wouldn’t want to follow right now?
41. gamer20 – official Gamer 2.0 feed
42. multiplayers – MTV Multiplayer website
43. KomboNews – gaming news website
44. PS3Nation – home of the PS3 Nation podcast
45. GameTrailers – need game trailers? Follow…
46. GamesRadar – the official GamesRadar feed
47. gamewire – tweets from GameWire
48. LittleBIGFan – LittleBigPlanet fansite
49. TGN – Total Gaming Network
50. Qore – follow Qore in between episodes

So there you have it – 50 great Twitter feeds to follow that’ll help you keep your finger on the pulse.

Who didn’t we feature? Did we miss your favourite? Leave your suggestions in the comments below.