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Ubisoft announce sequels; Assassin’s to possibly swim in 2009

Submitted by on Friday, 23 January 20093 Comments

assassin21Normally sales calls are a great cure for those of us who are natural insomniacs or the likes of Danny who shuns sleep like an ever vigilant sentinel cyborg.

With buzz phrases like “Flat is the new up!”, it’s no wonder why most people go on mute and read websites like PS3 Attitude during these things. Or fall asleep completely.

Not so if you’re on the end of a Ubisoft sales call however. Not only do these guys talk about games we’re all eager to hear more about but, gosh darn it, the rebels disregard company memos altogether and blab about stuff they should be keeping under wraps!

Read on to find out about what the renegade sales team have announced both on purpose and by accident. (Not to get your hopes up but the accidental announcement is a Wii game).

We mentioned it over on our Twitter feed yesterday but, just in case you missed it, yes indeed, Assassin’s Creed 2 is (officially) coming. Previously we had been told that the sequel to the popular medieval assassination sim would be released when “people demanded it” though, to us, this smacked of marketing-speak and suggestive of a release when “people had forgotten about the limitations of the first game.” We must really want it all of a sudden (or have short memories) as it now appears that the game will be out in the next fiscal year (which ends in March 2010). However, considering Ubisoft CEO Yves Guillemot also mentioned on the call that it could be one of the biggest games of 2009, don’t be surprised if it’s primed for a Christmas release.

Before you think we’re beating on Assassin’s a little too much, it should be noted that we’re actually fans of the first game though agree with the general consensus that it got repetitive. Hopefully the designers have taken this universal qualm into consideration and might even take a leaf out of a certain Persian book and shake things up a little for the sequel. We know our life-snuffing protagonist can now swim in the sequel; a feature alone that should add an extra dynamic to the stalking and killing, so here’s hoping even more surprises are introduced to freshen up the game-play (i.e. no more flags please).

The call also touched upon other games, some of which should be coming our way. A sequel to Ghost Recon was announced along with new franchises such as natural disaster survival adventure I Am Alive and two others that we know nothing about. One thing we do know about (that we shouldn’t) is that Red Steel 2 is coming to the Wii, something the Yves, obviously getting frantic hand signals from his marketing team, quickly admitted as news he wasn’t supposed to mention. Maybe Guillemot will be more tight-lipped in future but perhaps not before revealing what those other two new IPs are? Does anyone have Guillemot’s number? We’re great at getting information out of people.