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Uncharted 2 details from Edge Magazine

Submitted by on Friday, 2 January 20093 Comments

drake-edgeWhen we last reported on Nathan Drake’s new adventure back at the start of December we speculated where the setting of Uncharted 2 might take place.

With Marco Polo’s name getting dropped into the mix, one prophetic commenter (someone by the name of “Brodiesan”) hypothesised that the game would feature such exotic and exciting locales as Tibet and Nepal.

Not to bang one’s own drum or anything but, as purveyors of the latest edition of Edge Magazine already know, we were right on the money.

Check after the (you’re never going to make that) jump for more Uncharted 2: Among Thieves plot details along with what the McGuffin of the story is, a new love interest and, yes, the dreaded stealth aspect of the game dutifully explained.

It would be safe to say that the first Uncharted was a very personal quest for treasure hunter extraordinaire Nathan Drake.

A descendant of the legendary Sir Francis Drake, Nathan’s motives for discovering El Dorado were equal parts “fortune and glory” and family tree investigation. Uncharted 2 shuns the family connections altogether (unless Mr. Drake is embedded in the lives of more historical notaries than we know about of course) and sees Nathan on the path of the fabled Cintamani Stone. A gem of significance that can apparently grant wishes, the legendary stone is said to be located in the ancient and mythical Tibetan city of Shambala, also known as Shangri-La.

How Marco Polo fully ties in to the tale is still to be fully revealed though the Edge article does speak of the factual account of Polo’s final voyage home from the court of Kubla Khan in 1292. Despite setting off with fourteen treasure laden ships and six hundred men, Polo returned to the West with but one ship and only a handful of crew. Having never spoken of what happened on the precarious voyage home, Naughty Dog have taken up the historical fiction mantle and appear to have woven a deft (albeit fictional) story around these events.

The article also goes into some of the advances that the dog loving studio have made since the last game including the more organic nature of the levels, the fluidity of the animations from exploration to action and how Drake now interacts with practically everything around him. For example: washing lines with drying clothes now flutter between dilapidated houses in a war-torn Nepalese village vibrant with colour and intricacies. Enemy AI is improved allowing them to also scale walls and leap across roof tops, and let’s not forget about the cover system’s tweaks considering Drake can now “create” his own concealment by flipping over tables and assorted furniture.

One element that did send ripples of fret amongst the fans of the first game, and is now explained, was the inclusion this time around of a heavy dose of “stealth”. Almost a by-word these days connected with “boring game-play”, the Naughty Ones insist that the sneaking dynamic is purely another instrument in Drake’s toolbox. You still want to shoot everything that moves? Not a problem. The sneaking element does however proffer the ability to play out levels in a different manner and adds a whole new layer of realism to the game as Drake can now shoot one bad guy, sneak around and grab the next, use him as a human shield and then shoot someone else before casually dispensing with the captured baddie.

u2-chloeFinally, it wouldn’t be Drake without Elena. Or would it? As is the case with most affable rogues, it appears that Drake will have a new love interest in the form of Chloe (pictured right). Will Elena still appear? Are we looking at a love triangle here? As fans of the plucky reporter from the first game we sure hope so.

The article has many many other reveals and details and we heartily recommend picking up the edition if it’s available in your region.

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