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Welcome To Savage Moon. Rico’s Savage Moon.

Submitted by on Friday, 23 January 2009No Comment

savage_moon_logoThis should be old news to Europeans, but Savage Moon is coming to North America! Really!  Pinky swear!  Savage moon is “coming soon” to the PlayStation Network with a price point that is sure to please sci-fi strategic tower defense fans out there.  All seven of you.  We kid, we kid.  There’s got to be about a dozen of you, no?

If you think of Savage Moon as the result of a one night stand between PixelJunk Monsters and Starship Troopers you may be right on the money.  Read on to learn the set price and the not-so-set release date.  Them space bugs are not ones for punctuality.

Savage Moon will cost you one million space bucks, or $9.99 US dollars.  The release date is not that clear though, “within the next couple of weeks” is the official word so far.  Since we have some time to get ready to blast giant insects with high powered plasma cannons, perhaps our European friends can fill us in on their experience on a not so civilized moon.

Enjoy the gallery below; the first three screenshots are brand new, the rest not so much.