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‘What If…?’ Classics Edition

Submitted by on Thursday, 22 January 20095 Comments

GoldeneyeIt is no secret that I am a huge GoldenEye fan. I have harped on about it before, and will refrain from doing that again, but it is relevant to this article.

See, with the news that Free Radical are currently out of action, it got me thinking about the poll they had on their site asking what format the public would like to see a remake of Timesplitters on. And from there, I started thinking back to my favourite games of yesteryear.

What games would we like to see remade for either the PSN or boxed retail game?

Leap through into the abyss and find out our initial thoughts…GoldenEye is an obvious one for me. It was genre-defining at the time, and still holds a place in my heart as one of my all-time stand-out gaming experiences. If it were to be remade with the graphical power behind some of today’s consoles it would be amazing.

I know it wasn’t for the PlayStation originally, but this is a whimsical list of fancy, so it’s allowed. ‘Cuz I say so.

Other games that I would love to see re-made in one way or another are:

sonicSonic 1&2: Not ported to a pseudo-3D world with the focus on speed totally lost, but an awesome re-telling of the classic game in full HD. Re-drawn from scratch and with newly modelled animations for a silky smooth game, this would be eaten up like gaming Christmas chocolate; you know it’s bad, will make you fat, but just can’t… help… eating.

Gods: Originally for the Amiga, this was one of my early memories of gaming which was more than just dots on a screen. 2D side-scrolling action with pickups, power-ups and a host of baddies to smash. Again, this wouldn’t work unless it was an HD form of the original game. Both of the above would be great as PSN games.

Wing Commander: The original on the PC was really fun. This 3D space shooter made you almost sick with the lack of a clear sense of ‘down’ and ‘up’. With some swish effects thrown in for good measure, this one would work a treat. None of this on-foot nonsense, just mission after mission of kicking enemy butts. That’s what I’m talkin’ about! Boxed game could be great, and best of all, it wouldn’t be tied to the Star Wars mythology, giving it some freedom.

Wonder Boy: The outsider selection here, from Brodiesan. A mid-80’s side-scrolling axe-wielding skateboard-riding platformer from Sega which became something of a demi-icon. Another 2D platformer that would surely benefit from the HD treatment. Playing the game would be both retro and kitsch, but also re-introduce classic games to younger gamers. This was better than Mario, according to some.

DizzyDizzy: Another outside choice, and a great little gem from that small, reserved studio Codemasters. Bet you didn’t realise that, eh? Just think; iconic games then, iconic games now. PSN as the original format, here.

Crash Bandicoot: Wouldn’t it be great? A brand new, completely original game. Maybe a remake. But certainly based on the formula that worked so well originally.

Over to you guys: What would you do with a team of folks raring to remake a classic? Would you even take up the reigns on such a project?