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‘What If…?’ Firmware Edition

Submitted by on Monday, 26 January 20096 Comments

i-want-changeWe meet once more this cold winter morning. The rain is soaking through the mould-ridden wood of our dilapidated shed as we plot to conquer… something.

We’ve done the Home Space. We’ve done the retro revival. We have yet to do the firmware update (Dun Dun Duuuuun).

Lock up your children. Keep the pets indoors. Tie up a maiden. Sacrifice a goat. Try to stay sane. For we are about to cross a line that could quickly become a dot on the horizon as we get carried away with possibility and fantasy.

Everyone knows that there are still things needing done as far as firmware on the PS3 goes. But what are the most important features still missing from Sony’s black box? Click through for our thoughts and then add your own…

The most recent Firmware update took us to 2.60 and – as mentioned elsewhere – means that we ought to be well on the way to playing the PS3 v3.o. Does anyone feel that is the case?

There are still huge discrepancies in the XMB and within the games themselves. Notable absentees include cross-game chatting and more game launching support through Home. OK, this isn’t a firmware thing but it’s along those lines.

Personally, I doubt I would use many of the suggestions already seen elsewhere for the big 3.0 jump because many are minor tweaks. I’m looking for something that will really change the way I play games. Like being able to video chat in-game or something. It can’t be that hard, really. Can it? A new XMB icon is always exciting, too…

But what would you add to the PS3 experience if you had the option to do so? Here’s the brief: You have to add one thing to the firmware to a) send the press into overdrive and b) get people switching on their PS3s for.

As always, answers in the comments.