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‘What if…?’ Home Edition

Submitted by on Wednesday, 14 January 200916 Comments

playstation-home-logoIt is fair to say that Sony’s Home project has not gotten off to the peachiest of starts. With delays, accusations of rush-releases and even heckles about lack of content, Sony have their work cut out ahead of them to turn the opinion of We, The People, into yay-sayers rather than nay-sayers.

But let’s be honest; how vastly complex must it be to engineer something as huge as Home? With the servers, programming, licensing, designing and overall aspirations of the original concept weighing heavily on Sony’s shoulders, is it any surprise that there have been foibles and stumbles? Little wonder it is almost unique in the world of interactive entertainment…

Frankly, I’m sick to the back molars of people griping and gurning about there being nothing to do in Home.

Jump through onto our soapbox and tell us what you would do if you were in charge.

Here is your chance to test your mettle against the SuperCorp that is Sony: come up with an idea for a home space similar in size to the Home Theatre or Arcade spaces. Fill it with something (or things?) that would attract people to get into Home. Not just as a one-off ‘I had nothing better to do’ walk-by, but something that will keep people coming back to Home, week after week, day after day.

No prizes to be won. Just respect. Nothing obscene or illegal.

sony-home101 To get you started, some of my thoughts follow:

HomeBay – In a project similar to the insanely successful eBay, there are places to buy real-world items from virtual shops. Not virtual clothes at £1.99 a pop or a virtual house for the same price as a DVD, but real things. Not from other Home users, but from proper shops.

Galleries – A light, airy virtual space full of snooty individuals who pour over every brush stroke before splashing out £30 on a print to be shipped by the seller. A digital version could be made available as a piece of wall-art for your personal space. Or you could throw £50,00,000 away on a pickled calf with painted horns. Your choice.

So come on, brain-boxes. What would you do with an empty Home space?

Bubbles to the best comments, as always.