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X-Men Origins Wolverine site launches with exclusive 3D image

Submitted by on Sunday, 11 January 2009No Comment

wolverine-3dIn this day and age of media synergy you just can’t have a new game without a tailored website showing off the virtues of your upcoming title.  Taking a page from EA’s Dead Space book, Activision have now launched featuring everyone’s favourite regenerating clawed mutant, Wolverine.

We’ve been following X-Men Origins Wolverine (both the game and the film) with keen interest of late as, apart from the impressive visuals and our inherent boyish love for the character, there are indications that the producers of the game have an understanding of the material at hand and are presenting a Wolverine that is both visceral and hard-hitting.

Read on for more details about Wolvie’s latest appearance on the web.

Admittedly, there is not a lot on at the moment other than a pounding (and repetitive) music loop and a very nice 3D image of Weapon-X himself leaping across what looks to be a gorge about to turn someone into mince. There is however a registration section where users can enroll and set themselves up for upcoming exclusive content like:

  • Insider access to the developers at Raven
  • Unbelievable exclusive assets
  • Challenges and prizes
  • And much more

Considering the benefits we saw when registering with the NoKnownSurvivors (Dead Space) website (interesting Flash murder-mystery game and let’s not forget the $5 voucher off EA products at the EA store for everyone) we would highly recommend taking the time to register to the new Uncaged site.

One thing you may notice when entering your details is that they ask for your “Superhero Name”. Is this a hint at what type of interactive games the relaunching website might proffer to its registrants? We’re not sure at the moment but rest assured – Brodiesan Man is ready for the call to arms at a moment’s notice.