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Yakuza 3 footage has us scrambling for our Japanese dictionaries

Submitted by on Sunday, 25 January 2009No Comment

Yakuza 3 trailerVideogaming247 has commented on a couple of wonderful (and Japanese only) trailers for SEGA’s Yakuza 3.

There are still no plans for a Western release, but this footage found over at Gametrailers should have us frantically praying to the Gaming Gods for an English version as soon as possible.

Check after the jump for some insight into just what the hell was said amongst the Japanese crime bosses and co. and for some footage of Kazuma-san roughing up some local villains.

The footage from the first clip consists of rendered cut-scenes and shows off the impressive visuals and style of the game. As for what’s going on, we’re still trying to translate everything but what we have worked out is that Kazuma-san has been living in Okinawa with Haruka, his adopted daughter in relative hamony. The sign-post to the facility shown states “Asagao” (which is the Morning Glory plant in Japanese) and is the Child Welfare Facility Kazuma-san is running. All appears well until money-grubbing land purchasers try to shake things up on the island, and when things turn violent, Kazuma-san returns to Tokyo to settle the score.

The second clip (presented here below the first) depicts Kazuma-san getting into some scrapes throughout Japan including what appears to be him laying some Yakuza smackdown on some eye-patched thug in an octagon cage match.

What do you think of the footage? Let us know in the comments. YATTA!