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Cole from inFamous has Dinner Plans

Submitted by on Monday, 23 February 20092 Comments

Not on the first date!Last week we saw Cole square up against a mechanised member of the Dustmen Gang.

This week, proving that there is absolutely no rest for the electrified wicked, we witness yet another confrontation from Sucker Punch’s upcoming inFamous.

Check after the break to see what type of adversary is at the opposite end of another super-charged smackdown.

Hint: she probably listens to The Cure a lot.

Though the following is hardly “I am your father” material, if you’ve decided to stay “super spoiler free” regarding inFamous, we respect such noble intentions and therefore suggest looking away now.

After appearing to unravel some of the mystery of where “The Reapers” are made, Cole is seen emancipating some unfortunates before coming under a psychological attack we’re seen before in previously released footage of the game.

Cue the usual blasting and hopping about the place with the piece climaxing in an altercation between our galvanic hero and a strange gothic emo “woman”. From the apparent face eating advances going on, this pale and diabolical she-wench is most definitely not a fan of Cole.

Maybe he said something about her make-up.