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Cops and Robbers – New Burnout Paradise Pack (Updated with high-res pictures)

Submitted by on Saturday, 7 February 20092 Comments

Burnout_Paradise_PCPDIt took a while to get the PS3’s Burnout Paradise Network Open Beta up and running but here it is.  The official announcement of the latest Burnout Paradise premium DLC pack is online.

Get ready for the chase of your life.

Rumors flew around the ‘Net all week and this time they were true.  Announced via the now online in-game website ‘Criterion Games Network’ this new pack will yet again re-invent Burnout Paradise into an even better and more exciting game.  Like it wasn’t an already excellent game to begin with, the Criterion team refuse to stop until we have the best possible Burnout ever.  As Wayne and Garth would say: We are not worthy.

The details of the Cops and Robbers pack are being kept a secret for now but we can all take a wild guess of what is in store for us later this year.  Bringing us the “thrills and spills of cops and robbers car chases in Paradise City” as the Criterion folks put it, this has to be the best pack announced so far in our opinion; barely edging out Big Surf Island for top honors.

We’ll update this post with the high-resolution shots of the cops and Robbers pack on Monday when they are made public this Monday.  In the meantime, enjoy a snapshot of the new Criterion Games Network page.  Is this the best Burnout DLC yet or what?