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Designer’s C.V. reveals penchant for “long walks” and “Aliens game cancelled”

Submitted by on Thursday, 26 February 2009No Comment

Who wants to tell this guy he just got canned?When we reported last month that yet another Aliens game was coming our way (this one featuring a certain other dread-locked extraterrestrial) we flagged how we weren’t sure just what impact this would have on SEGA’s other two xenomorphic* projects, Aliens: Colonial Marines and the fabled Aliens: RPG.

Well, we know now.

Cue the obligatory “Game over man! Game over!” comment as we report the sad news that the RPG version has been placed in hypersleep. Forever.

Check after the jump for even more inappropriate Aliens references.

Posting on LinkedIn, (it’s like Facebook for professionals but with less invites from people you don’t know suggesting the joining of groups you don’t care about) David Kondor’s C.V.** informs that he is an ex-Designer at Obsidian Entertainment, the studio known to have been working on the RPG title, and was part of the design team on the now in-question project.

His credentials are impressive (at least to the layman) and include:

Designer for canceled third-person action Aliens RPG (Xbox 360, PS3, & PC)

  • Responsible for the planning, layout, setup, and tuning of multiple large areas including a Vertical Slice
  • Worked directly with a team of Animators, Artists, Sound Designers, and Writers to ensure consistent area vision and to maintain fun gameplay, visual storytelling, and the atmosphere of the Aliens universe
  • Worked with other Designers to contribute to and improve on the vision of game
  • Designed, Scripted and Balanced Major Combat Encounters and Boss Battles
  • Designed, Implemented, and Iterated on Missions and Scripted Scenes
  • Created and Iterated on initial Area layouts using XSI
  • Worked with programmers to develop & improve on a new In-House Game Engine & Tools

The key word here is cancelled although we have to admit that we kinda got transfixed by the term “Vertical Slice”. That sounds awesome; whatever it is.

SEGA and Obsidian have both declined to comment but, unless this was a wily manoeuvre to oust David from the office (“Sorry Dave, game got cancelled, can you clear out your desk?”) while they work on it without his assistance, it’s highly unlikely.

Finally, we wish David the best of luck in his future endeavours within the gaming industry. With his background on games such as Lord of the Rings Online and Dungeons and Dragons Online we’re sure we’ll be enjoying new games that include his input in the coming years.

*No, we’re not sure if that’s even a real word either.
** Note to our transatlantic readers. Europeans favour (not favor) the term C.V. for what you refer to as your resumé. Also known as: that flagrant display of fantastical embellishment you use to get your foot in the door of any potential employer’s office.