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Famitsu Impressed by Yakuza 3

Submitted by on Wednesday, 18 February 2009One Comment

yakuza-3We don’t normally hark on about what other publications give particular games in terms of a review score here at PS3 Attitude.

This position is partly because, though we understand the need for a ranking system to aid consumers regarding which products warrant their hard earned money (and which don’t), we like to believe that reading a full review (and not skipping to the end to check the “number”) should grant a potential buyer enough information to decide whether or not a purchase is justified.

That said, when the game in question is something that we would love to get our hands on (and there’s still no sign of a western release) we feel the urge to highlight when such a game is greeted with critical aplomb. If anything, it should evoke equal feelings of loss and outrage and see you writing angry letters to SEGA demanding a translation.

Famitsu, in a move that sees the continuation of the magazine scoring the Yakuza games quite highly, really really likes the latest chapter in the adventures of Kazuma Kiryu, Japanese bad-ass extraordinaire.

Prepare for some Nippon themed crime action after the break.

If you’re looking for a synopsis about Yakuza 3, your first stop should be the PS3 Attitude Games Database. It’s near the bottom. Then you should check out last month’s article where we discussed the new Japanese trailer that showed off the game’s graphical virtues and game-play mechanics and had us brushing up on our (terrible) Japanese.

Now that you’re up to date, has run with the story (and featuring a scan of the page in question) that shows the usual Gang of Four at Famitsu have scored the open world mob themed game 10, 10, 9 and 9 for a grand total of 38/40.

SEGA are putting a lot of money into the advertising of Yakuza 3 and it appears to be paying off as hype for the title in Japan has already reached a media frenzy. The game is out there on February 26th and we fully expect the streets of Tokyo to be empty come lunch time.

Still no signs of a western release however, considering the high scores, the abundant marketing campaign and the fact that the previous Yakuza games were translated, we’re living in hope.