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Flashy Functionality: Finetune Fantastic

Submitted by on Thursday, 26 February 2009One Comment

finetune1Finetune was one of the first sites some of us used to visit on other consoles before the revolution that was the PS3.

One particular console lacked much in the way of media support and functioning and as a music-obsessive bunch, this was not acceptable. Fortunately, with a flash version of this site specifically supporting said console, it meant we were able to just listen to whatever music we wanted to.

Skip forward to today and we randomly thought about it again in relation to the PS3. With the recent flash upgrade to the PS3’s internet support, would this site finally play nice with our black box?

Apparently, yes.

Thankfully we were able to get onto the site through the PS3’s web browser without any problems. Moreover, sound quality was great and our frazzled brains even remembered the username after all these years!

Even with a relatively weak connection, we were still able to get a great sound that was rich and full. This is – for us at least – very unusual with most online music services, and hence the reason for the heads-up.

So, if you are stuck with a 20Gb PS3 and don’t have the savvy/confidence/time/money to make the jump to a meatier HDD, this may well be a real alternative for music on-tap. Clearly this does mean that you don’t have access to this music in-game but it adds a nice option to just fire up the browser and get access to loads of music… legally, at least.

If you don't like Finetune, give Songza a try!

If you don't like Finetune, give Songza a try!

There are other sites out there such as Songza which offer a similar service, but this is entirely personal.

What do you use at the moment, if anything? If you are already a finetune user, tell us your username so we can take a peek at what you listen to. Comments in the big white box, people.

Lurkers too; we want to hear from the lurkers out there…