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Free Radical Design Set for A Come Back

Submitted by on Wednesday, 4 February 20097 Comments

frdThere is a gaming god. Free Radical has been bought by Crytek and is now “out of the woods”. Free Radical’s scriptwriter Rob Yescombe confirmed to 1UP that the troubled but talented developer has been bought by Germany-based Crytek.  You may remember Crytek for their FarCry and Crysis games.

Perhaps we will get to see TimeSplitters 4, Master Chimp and all.  Join us as we celebrate with great joy the return of one of our favorite developers.

1UP managed to get Mr. Yescombe talking from his local pub, celebrating we suppose, and he had this to say:

“After seven long weeks of uncertainty, I can confirm that Free Radical is now out of the woods. We’ve been bought by a really, really good company.  I’m so excited I’m lost for words.”

After finding some more words or after finishing his pint (he is at a pub, remember?), he added:

“It’s the smoothest deal we’ve ever done. It all went through quickly, efficiently, fantastically…”

Fantastic.  What does this mean for the former Free Radical staff laid off last December?  There’s hope that Free Radical would go back to its original staff size.  And what does this mean for the eagerly anticipated TimeSplitters 4?  Rob Yascombe responds to the million dollar question:

“We don’t know yet. We’ll find out over the coming weeks.”

With Crytek’s FPS background and Free Radical’s reputation (Goldeneye anyone?) we think it’s looking good.  Cross your fingers boys and girls, we may get to write the words flaming and monkey in a sentence without sounding too crazy in the near future.  We’ll keep you updated with all things Free Radical, TimeSplitters or flaming monkey related.  Promise.