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Go to Hell with new Dante’s Inferno trailer

Submitted by on Tuesday, 24 February 20094 Comments

The power of Dante compels you!At this rate we might as well rename the site

Hot (literally) on the heels of recent glimpses of Singularity and Lost Planet 2, we now have a better look at EA’s medieval damnatinon venture, Dante’s Inferno.

Redwood Shores are a studio we’re keenly interested in after they dutifully scared us silly with Dead Space but, considering the initial teaser trailer for Dante’s Inferno was more concept than context, we were a little unsure just what would be crawling out of the depths of perdition some time this year.

Check after the break for our impressions of the new footage.

Did you like the God of War III trailer? Well, looks like this one will be right up your Hellish alley. The graphics are impressive with Hell depicted as a region in flux and populated with diabolical fiends around every corner. Some of the monsters shown are sizable and can be seen to follow a design aestethic heavily influenced by the works of Barlowe (who we’ve already mentioned worked as a creative consultant on the game) and are strikingly Bosch-esque. In other words: disturbing.

What we don’t know is if the footage shown is real time, but it would be hard to believe that it’s not considering the graphical prowess of the hardware it’s being run on.

What say you, Hellspawn? Dost thou liketh yon display of condemnation and torture? Thy comment section doth awaits.