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Guitar Hero Greatest Hits Coming

Submitted by on Thursday, 12 February 20098 Comments

guitar_heroHow’s that Guitar Hero World Tour working out for you? Enjoying the majesty of Tool’s “Schism” or the blast-beat frolics of Metallica’s “Trapped Under Ice”?

How about Queens of the Stone Age’s “3s and 7s” or Pantera’s “Cowboys From Hell”? Oh, that’s right, they’re old songs from previous iterations of the Guitar Hero franchise and hence don’t have drums or vocals etc. Silly us.

Or do they? Read on for an exciting venture Activision Blizzard have in the works that will see some of your old favourites return to the stage for that inevitable encore.

Ars Technica is reporting that the super-rich Guitar Heroes over at recently merged Activision Blizzard know a good thing when they see it and, not set with their intention to just update GH:WT with micro-musical additions each week, we should also expect to see a Greatest Hits compilation of sorts arrive in Q2 of this year. Featuring tracks from the previous games reworked with all the WT instruments in mind, this might finally be your chance to prove you can knock out a beat-perfect rendition of RATM’s “Bulls on Parade”.

What tracks will make the reworked cut? We’re not sure. We have our favourites (see above) but we’re more interested in knowing what songs you want to be rocking out to this Summe to.

Let us know in the comments – if your carpal tunnel syndrome inflicted hands permit.