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Hail to the King Diamond – Heavy Metal Frontman Featured in Guitar Hero Metallica

Submitted by on Tuesday, 24 February 2009No Comment

guitar_hero_metallica_-_king_diamond_take_a_bow1And now for something completely different (than Killzone 2), we bring you Guitar Hero Metallica news.

Forget about the fearsome foursome, it’s all about the king.  No not the one who thanked profusely, probably too much; nor the one who creeps into your home, watches you sleep and then offers you a burger; or the wrestler turned commentator turned plastic surgery freak.

No my friends, King Diamond is the only king we bow down to around these parts.  Well him and the one we dare not speak of.  We are not worthy.

Mr. Diamond (not his real name by the way…but if it were we bet his parents had to groom him to be a heavy metal frontman since birth like those baby pageant moms do) is the latest digital cast member of Guitar Hero Metallica.  Merciful Fate’s “Evil”, which apparently is one of the songs featured in Metallica’s “Mercyful Fate” medley (it better be), was re-recorded in the band’s native Denmark some 25 years after the original 1983 recording.  King Diamond called forth four of the five original band members for the recording session.  Reports that the fifth original band member was unavailable because he was out in the countryside slaying dragons have yet to be substantiated.  Here’s what the king had to say about the process:

It’s been absolutely amazing to be a part of this Guitar Hero experience. It was quite a trip to re-record the song ‘Evil’ almost 25 years after the original recording took place. The end result with four out of the five original musicians turned out so much better than I would ever have hoped for.


Build your own microphone handle out of a femur bone, a tibia bone and duct tape. Ask your parents' permission.

Watching his digital persona come to life turned out to be something of an experience for the falsetto singing, face paint wearing, cross bone wielding heavy metal frontman:

Seeing my animated character take form was totally eerie in a very good way. It’s so strange to see yourself animated in such perfect detail – cross bone microphone, Eye necklace and all. This game looks and sounds METAL all the way. HORNS UP!!!

If the king bestows a capitalized and triple exclaimed ‘horns up’ it must be good.  Who are we to argue?  He is the king and Guitar Hero Metallica has been officially ‘horned up’.  ‘Nuff said.  Read up on the entire track listing and let us know who would you like to see digitized next.  Write down the name of your favorite frontman or band member in a $20 dollar bill, €20 or £20 note depending of geographic location, and send it over.  We’ll tally the votes and give all the money to charity.

Or just post a comment.  You know, whatever.